Xbox Series X Digital Edition Reportedly Being Planned By Microsoft

Other Hardware Also In The Works For 2025!

The Xbox Series X is advertised as the world’s most powerful console. However, this power does not come without a price, and the console sells for $500 or more in various markets.

Customers looking for cheaper alternatives can pick the Xbox Series S. Unlike Sony, Microsoft does not offer a cheaper variant of its most powerful hardware, but this could change soon.

A popular leaker claims that the Xbox Series X Digital Edition may be in the works.

Why it matters: This revision would allow users to purchase the most capable Xbox console for a lower price, potentially leading to a bigger audience joining Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem.

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During a recent podcast, Nick from Xbox Era revealed information about Microsoft’s plans. This included a potential disc-less console revision of the Xbox Series X. Nick stated:

“What I have heard is, Microsoft is currently looking into a digital-only series X.”

This could motivate those on the fence about buying the console to join the Xbox platform.

In the modern era of gaming, digital storefronts and libraries have become extremely popular. Many users prefer the simplicity and convenience of digital libraries, making a digital-only console an easy choice for millions of gamers.

Jon also speculated that the console would be a lot slimmer than the existing model due to the lack of a disc drive. The Xbox Series X is already a compact console, and the hardware revision could make it even smaller.

Furthermore, the lack of a disc drive would be beneficial for Microsoft’s aims with Game Pass. The gaming giant is already selling consoles at a loss and aims to make this up through digital sales and subscriptions.

Without access to a disc drive, more users would be motivated to subscribe to Game Pass and rely on digital games. This would lead to improved profits and the betterment of the Xbox ecosystem.

Additionally, Nick has heard that Microsoft plans to release other hardware by 2025. He stated:

“I can’t go into details, but there are also plans for other hardware in 2025.”

While he refused to elaborate further, this could mean that Microsoft may be working on hardware for cloud streaming or handheld gaming.

Previously, the chances of Microsoft working on a digital Xbox Series X were considered very slim. The Xbox Series S was believed to be the gaming giant’s offering for digital-only customers, but this could change soon in the coming year.

Microsoft has already sold over 21 million Xbox Series S|X consoles, and the digital-only Xbox Series X could lead to a massive surge in Microsoft’s sales figures.

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