GTA 5 Gameplay Was Revealed On This Day 10 Years Ago

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GTA 5 Gameplay Deep Dive Turns 10!

The Grand Theft Auto franchise from Rockstar Games is among the biggest IPs in the gaming industry. GTA 5 is the latest release from the franchise, and another title is expected to arrive within the next two years.

The franchise has always provided high-quality open-world gameplay. GTA 5 is arguably the best entry in the franchise, and it continues to enjoy unrivaled success in the gaming industry.

While the game has not reached its 10th anniversary yet, Rockstar Games revealed the first gameplay video for GTA 5 10 years ago.

Why it matters: GTA 5 changed the course of the franchise. Following the game’s success, Rockstar has taken the longest break from Grand Theft Auto, and gaming enthusiasts worldwide are patiently waiting for another release.

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The gameplay video introduces the sprawling open world from Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto release. It highlights several diverse locations, covering areas such as the mountains, oceans, and other parts of Los Santos.

Rockstar also introduced the three playable characters in the gameplay video. For the first time, GTA 5 introduced multiple characters to the franchise, each with unique personalities and a few distinct gameplay abilities.

Several months after this video was shown, the game was officially released for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Over a year later, it was released for PC and next-gen consoles, making it even more successful.

The game received extraordinary reception from the industry and won various awards. It was also a record-breaking launch for Rockstar Games, with GTA 5 having sold over 180 million units to date.

Following an incredible launch, Rockstar introduced GTA Online to the game. This mode continues to receive updates to this day, keeping the latest Grand Theft Auto title populated on modern platforms.

The game’s success has made it a juggernaut in the industry, leading to extremely high expectations for Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto release.

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