Lords of the Fallen Sequel Reportedly Planned For 2026 Release

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Death of the Fallen Now In Development!

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  • Lords of the Fallen was CI Games’ most important title of the last decade.
  • The studio has reportedly greenlit a sequel titled Death of the Fallen.
  • This game could arrive in 2026, with developer Hexworks returning for the title.

Lords of the Fallen was one of the most notable Souls-likes of 2023. With a promising dual-realm mechanic, the technology behind Unreal Engine 5, and a team hoping to redeem itself after a poor first attempt, this title quickly became a hit and sold over a million units.

This success put publisher CI Games in a position to fund more games and another potential Souls-like. According to a new report, Death of the Fallen is one of the future projects planned by the publisher.

Why it matters: While Lords of the Fallen was far from the best Souls-like of 2023, it received positive reviews. Therefore, a sequel has the potential to improve many of the rough aspects and take the IP to new heights.

The Lords of The Fallen

Twitter user Kurakasis has discovered a trademark filed by CI Games. Titled Death of the Fallen, this is expected to be the next entry in the publisher’s Souls-like series.

The user has gone through various job listings and LinkedIn profiles, scouring for information about CI Games’ next projects. According to his findings, Death of the Fallen is targeting a 2026 release window.

Developer Hexworks is also expected to return for the game, possibly using Unreal Engine 5 again after its somewhat shaky first showing with the technology in Lords of the Fallen.

Not much is known beyond these initial details, but the report highlights other interesting games like Project Survive. CI Games appears to be working on an open-world horror survival game, with an initial reveal potentially planned for 2024.

Elsewhere, a multiplayer IP from the publisher is in development alongside another Sniper Ghost Warrior entry.

Lords of the Fallen

If a new game from developer Hexworks has already been greenlit, we hope to see the team expanding on the dual-world concept from Lords of the Fallen.

The ability to traverse Umbral and Axiom gave the game a hint of originality not often found in the crowded Souls-like genre. Iterating upon this concept while introducing more enemy variety, better boss fights, and detailed levels could be a game-changer for the sequel.

In 2023, Souls-like games found a new identity. Analysts also expect the genre to flourish in 2024, with new announcements, and following this report, Death of the Fallen could be among the many Souls-like titles announced or teased this year.

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