Days Gone Remains PlayStation’s Most Underrated Game 5 Years Later

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Still Waiting For Sequel 5 Years Later!

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  • One of Sony’s most underrated titles celebrates its 5th anniversary today.
  • Days Gone remains unique for offering a very distinctive experience from other post-apocalypse zombie games.
  • Fans still await the sequel, but the developers have moved on.

While PlayStation’s last generation had some of the best games known to the industry, not everything was an immediate hit. Days Gone, in particular, stands out as an underrated gem from the generation.

Though critics shunned the game, audiences grew close to the franchise. With a user rating of 8.5 on Metacritic, Bend Studio’s work became a fan favorite. Today, Days Gone celebrates its 5th anniversary.

Why it matters: Despite its status as an abandoned series, Days Gone has remained relevant in active gaming discussions.

Days Gone
Days Gone Was A Unique Sandbox Experience Among PlayStation Releases

When you think about a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is fighting zombies, you might think of franchises like The Last of Us, and that’s one challenge Bend Studio had to face when creating Days Gone.

However, the team ultimately created a different experience. Several years later, it remains just as enticing to revisit, promising massive hordes of zombies in a graphically rich open world.

On its fifth anniversary, fans have discussed the potential of a sequel. Had PlayStation greenlit Days Gone 2, it may have been released already or on the verge of arriving on the PS5.

Furthermore, the concept of freaker hordes could have been expanded upon greatly. A game like Spider-Man 2 completely overhauled its traversal with quicker draw distances and faster swinging in 2023, thanks to the power on offer with the PS5.

Imagine even bigger freaked hordes with more complex AI that cover larger parts of the map. Days Gone 2 certainly could have been a special game.

Days Gone Open World
Days Gone Offers Beautiful Visuals

A sequel for Days Gone was planned at some point after the demand from fans, but PlayStation rejected the pitch, and the developers have already moved on to work on other projects.

Even after five years, we think this IP is worth returning to. It had all the potential to become a PlayStation classic, but Sony was unwilling to risk failure. Fans are still signing a petition that is several years old, and they hope for PlayStation’s response.

For what it’s worth, Bend Studio is incorporating the more unique elements of this entry into its live service game. Therefore, Days Gone will live on through the team’s future work.

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