Days Gone Devs Working On ‘AAA Live Service Game’ Based On Unreal Engine 5

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Direct Sequel To Days Gone?

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  • The new job listing suggests a heavy focus on live service in Bend Studio’s upcoming title.
  • The listing mentions Unreal Engine 5 and collaboration with Valkyrie Entertainment.
  • Valkyrie Entertainment previously contributed to the development of God of War and other Sony Interactive games.

The team at Bend Studio, known for the game Days Gone, is currently working on a new live-service game. This information surfaced from a job listing on Bend Studio’s website(found by GameRant). They’re looking for a Lead Project Manager with years of experience in live service operations.

More than 200K players signed a petition demanding Days Gone 2 earlier this year. While this job listing doesn’t mention Days Gone 2 at all, there is a possibility that the studio is working on a direct sequel to the game.

Why it matters: Fans have been demanding a sequel to Days Gone (based on Unreal Engine 4) for years and their wishes have finally been granted. However, some fans may feel let down to know that the game will be a live-service title.

Bend Studios Live Service Game
The job listing at Bend Studios suggests that their next time will heavily focus on live service.

Bend Studio’s choice to create a live-service game shows its commitment to staying up-to-date with what players want. They’re pursuing live-service gaming to make the most of the ongoing player involvement and potential earnings it offers.

The job listing explicitly references the studio’s focus on live-service games three times, shedding light on the direction of its upcoming project. 

The listing also adds that the game will utilize the powers of Unreal Engine 5. Valkyrie Entertainment, recognized for its contributions to God of War and other Sony Interactive Entertainment games, is also mentioned as a collaborator.

This marks a big change for Bend Studio, known for its single-player, story-driven games. For instance, Days Gone was all about its open-world action and deep narrative.

Sony Needs Days Gone
Fans have been demanding Days Gone 2 for years.

Now, shifting to a live-service game means they aim for longer playtimes, with frequent updates and fresh features. It calls for a different game design approach, prioritizing keeping players hooked and returning for more.

Bend Studio’s move into live-service gaming fits with Sony’s larger push to grow its collection of live-service games. Sony aims to launch twelve of these games by March 2026 to become a major player in this gaming sector.

While challenges may arise, the company remains committed to delivering high-quality live-service experiences to its audience.

In 2022, Bend Studio’s director presented Sony with the idea of an open-world Resistance game, but it was rejected. Moreover, the studio also contemplated working on Uncharted 5 a few years later.

It appears that the studio has no choice but to develop a live-service game, as Sony rejected their proposal for more open-world games.

In general, the announcement of Bend Studio’s new project is intriguing. It’ll be fascinating to witness how the studio applies its skills to the live-service approach and what kind of game comes from teaming up with Valkyrie Entertainment.

While some fans might feel uncertain about the shift, others are surely excited to try out Bend Studio’s next game.

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