AAA Games Should Rely On Famous IPs To Avoid Risks, Claims Tencent VP

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Fresh Take With Big Budget Is Risky!

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  • Although there are many big-budget games, only a few found success.
  • As a response, Tencent’s VP says big new budget games should rely on well-tested IPs to reduce the chances of failure.
  • New IPs like Suicide Squad & Skull And Bones failed recently, although both had ideas from established IPs.

Nowadays, developing video games is challenging, as only some big titles have achieved critical and commercial acclaim. For example, games like Skull and Bones and Suicide Squad spent a lot of money, yet their developers only found disappointment.

A video game executive has shared his take on the same topic, asserting that games should be based on already acclaimed IPs so that the risks fade away.

Why it matters: Games like Spider-Man 2 and Street Fighter 6 were in the spotlight due to the already existing popularity of their predecessors.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Skull and Bones
Suicide Squad & Skull and Bones Have Been 2024’s Biggest Let-downs

When discussing video games with Bloomberg, Martin Sibille, the VP at Tencent Games, shared his advice for developers looking to make games.

He asserts that new games should be made based on popular IPs because the chances of failure drop to almost insignificant levels with this focus. This is a controversial statement as it has downsides apart from the obvious benefits.

This approach would mean that more and more ideas will be repeated in the industry instead of IPs based on new concepts. 2024 already proved that there is an appetite for new franchises.

Palworld, although not a huge AAA title, found immense success, and it was likely due to the game taking ideas from Pokemon, an already established game in the industry. However, it also innovated the ideas in unique ways instead of borrowing what had already worked.

Nevertheless, companies appear to have settled on sequels and remakes as the safest approach. Capcom specifically found great results with Resident Evil remakes, and Resident Evil 4 Remake became the most successful ones.

Palworld Delivers What Pokemon Fans Wanted For The Longest Time

Capcom is considering more remakes for classic games like Resident Evil Code Veronica. Moreover, a reboot based on Dead Rising could be in development.

However, the downside to this trend is that innovation in the industry will become even more limited, as developers will often avoid new IPs because of the risks associated with the gaming industry.

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