Capcom Reportedly Working On A Dead Rising Reboot

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Capcom has always been known for branching out to different genres of gaming. From survival horror to fighting games, the developer has worked on various styles of games. Similarly, Capcom also had a franchise focusing on zombies with Dead Rising.

Though it has been 7 years since Dead Rising 4, many fans have been hoping for a sequel or a remake similar to Capcom’s recent Resident Evil games. While nothing has been confirmed about the franchise, a well-known insider in the gaming industry has hinted that Capcom might be working on a Dead Rising reboot.

Why it matters: Capcom has recently done a great job at bringing back and maintaining classic franchises like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and more. As such, the developer could now be looking to do the same for Dead Rising.

The information comes from reliable leaker and journalist Jez Corden. However, not much else is known about the supposed reboot.

Previously, Dead Rising 4 failed to live up to Capcom’s expectations. The game had not sold a million copies by April 2017, while Capcom expected over two million in sales. Following this disappointment, Dead Rising has not been revisited.

However, a reboot could allow Capcom to appeal to both new and old fans. Despite the fourth game’s failure, the series has accumulated over 15 million sales, joining Capcom’s most successful gaming franchises.

For many fans, it would be great to see the zombie-slaying franchise return. With recent games like Dead Island 2 and Dying Light 2, the genre has started to gain popularity again, and a Dead Rising reboot would be perfect to capitalize on this momentum.

Would you try a potential Dead Rising reboot? Have you enjoyed the series in the past?

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