AMD Update Hints At FSR 3 Frame Generation Support For Xbox Series S|X

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Xbox Could Improve Performance Drastically With FSR 3!

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  • AMD is set to release FSR 3.1, and its latest update hints at the technology heading to Xbox.
  • The update adds ‘Xbox Game Development Kit’ support to FSR.
  • This could mean that Xbox will support Frame Generation soon, possibly with a game like Indiana Jones.

The Xbox Series S|X already include plenty of features that separate them from the last-generation consoles. Quick Resume, ray tracing support, and more are just a few of the compelling features present in these consoles.

However, AMD has recently improved its FSR upscaling. FSR 3 Frame Generation debuted with Forspoken initially and has made its way into games like Starfield. A recent update from AMD hints that it could also be debuting on Xbox consoles soon.

Why it matters: This technology can produce incredible results for PCs. Therefore, bringing it over to consoles could help them immensely.

Xbox Series X
Frame Generation Could Be A Major Asset To The Xbox Series X

Not too long ago, AMD announced FSR 3.1. This is a major update to the upscaling technology that improves image quality and more, but AMD’s update quickly caught everyone’s attention.

AMD appears to have included support for the Vulkan API and Xbox in the update.

Vulkan and Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK) support.

-Update Note From AMD

While this could mean that AMD plans to introduce FSR 3.1’s image quality improvements to Xbox, FSR 3 Frame Generation is expected to be part of the console additions.

Since Vulkan and Xbox are mentioned in the same sentence, it is speculated that Indiana Jones and The Great Circle, first showcased in January, will be the Xbox title to support Frame Generation.

While AMD has not confirmed any release dates, the update is coming later in 2024. Therefore, it should line up with the launch of Indiana Jones and The Great Circle.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Launches In 2024

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle utilizes the id Tech engine, with id Software also helping MachineGames in the development.

id Tech on PC supports DLSS and ray-tracing via the Vulkan API. While Xbox is based on purely DirectX hardware, AMD’s addition of Vulkan and Xbox support could be an indication of FSR 3 Frame Generation becoming part of the hardware.

Overall, FSR 3 support for Xbox Series S|X consoles could be a major introduction. Console hardware has begun to struggle in games like Dragon’s Dogma 2, so Frame Generation could make up for the less-than-ideal frame rates in demanding scenarios.

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