Ditching the Cloud? Xbox Working on Native Handheld Console

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A Fully Native Xbox Handheld

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  • It was previously revealed that Xbox is working on a handheld and two next-gen consoles.
  • Sony and Xbox are expected to release their respective handhelds in the next generation.
  • A reliable insider has revealed that Xbox has a native handheld instead of a cloud one.

Previously, the gaming industry was in peril, as claims were made that Xbox was leaving the console industry. With this, many started a rumor that the gaming giant would be a third party, too. 

While Xbox has released some games on other platforms, it doesn’t necessarily mean the giant has gone third-party. Also, the giant exiting console market rumor was later debunked as a leak revealed that Xbox will release two next-gen consoles and a handheld in 2026.

A reliable insider has revealed that Xbox has native handheld console prototypes

Why it matters: Xbox hasn’t seen significant success with the latest consoles, so it is unsurprising that it now focuses on a handheld.

YouTube video

During the Xbox Two Podcast, Jez Corden revealed that Xbox has some new prototypes. He said: 

“I know that they’ve [Xbox] have got handheld prototypes right now.”

Then, in the podcast, he later said: 

“Not a cloud handheld, a fully native Xbox handheld.”

Further, in the podcast, Jez clarified these handhelds are the new prototype, not the old ones. While this doesn’t mean they will enter the market, the giant is likely testing them right now. 

Jez Corden is a reliable insider, and he has proven right many times, especially regarding Xbox leaks. Due to that, the possibility of his rumor has solid backing. However, it is unclear what Xbox aims with the handheld and how it plans the reveal, but it seems like it isn’t a cloud handheld. 

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X
Both Xbox and PlayStation are Working on a Handheld

PlayStation is also working on a handheld, and both Xbox and PlayStation are expected to be released in the next generation. There is still a lot of time till the next generation, so both giants have enough time for strategies.

It is good to see that PlayStation and Xbox are entering a market in which Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck dominate. Switch has already sold nearly 140 Million units, proving its market dominance. 

Nintendo might increase the bar too high for both giants as Switch 2 is expected to offer PS4 Pro-like performance. While this market is challenging, this doesn’t mean Xbox will focus entirely on the handheld. 

The gaming giant is also working on a next-gen console featuring the biggest technical leap. So, the next generation of consoles is arguably going to be a memorable one.  

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