MSI Shifts Focus to Nvidia GeForce GPUs, Ends AMD Radeon Production

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End of Long Partnership Between Radeon & MSI!

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  • MSI and AMD have worked together to produce graphics cards for many years.
  • The former seems to be more interested in working with Nvidia on future graphics cards.
  • However, MSI will continue to make motherboards for AMD’s Ryzen processors.

Being the second-biggest graphics card company in the world, AMD works with various board partners to produce custom models and ship its GPUs around the globe.

Among these, MSI is one of the biggest, using its worldwide influence to distribute graphics cards in numerous countries. However, it seems AMD has just lost MSI’s partnership, with the latter confirming a focus on Nvidia GeForce moving forward.

Why it matters: AMD is gearing up to launch RDNA 4 graphics cards later this year but will not be able to rely on this board partner for custom models.

MSI Radeon RX 6700
MSI Made Several Models For Different RDNA 2 and RDNA 3 Cards.

The situation first caught everyone’s attention when Hardware Unboxed tweeted about missing listings of MSI Radeon RX graphics cards.

He pointed out that all of the board partner’s Radeon GPU models had been discontinued out of the blue. This prompted HardwareLuxx to reach out for a response, and he received an interesting reply from MSI.

The company pointed out that it is focused on Nvidia GeForce products as far as graphics cards are concerned.

Our focus at the moment is actually more on RTX cards.


However, it has not entirely cut ties with AMD. MSI remains a partner, particularly in the motherboard market, producing various boards for AM5 processors like the Ryzen 7000 and upcoming Ryzen 9000 lineups.

This situation may also explain why MSI partnered with Intel for its Claw handheld. It seems that the former is no longer on amicable terms with the Radeon branch of AMD’s business.

This marks one less partner for AMD to rely on, but with the likes of Sapphire, Gigabyte, Asus, and more still around, it remains to be seen how big of a loss this will be.

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