Manor Lords Launches To A Whopping 170K Steam Players

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  • Manor Lords has finally arrived after millions of wishlists on Steam.
  • The game has launched to 170K players on Steam.
  • It has left everything else in the dust to become Steam’s best-selling game at the moment.

Manor Lords had the perfect recipe for an indie success story before its launch. While the single developer didn’t expect this city-builder to hit 14K wishlists, the game ended up as Steam’s most anticipated release before launch.

It was first announced in 2020 and has finally been released today. As expected, this city-builder is off to an incredible start. The game has already reached nearly 170K concurrent players.

Why it matters: The current success should allow Slavic Magic to speed up development and improve the early access launch with more frequent updates than expected.

Manor Lords Steam Concurrent Player Count
Concurrent Player Count via SteamDB

As seen above, this city-builder has already reached over 170K players on Steam at launch. The numbers are still going up, so it is difficult to say when the game will settle, especially with the weekend around the corner.

These numbers were somewhat expected from a title like Manor Lords, which was wishlisted by around 4 million players by the time of its release. Compared to other major releases, this solo developer has found incredible success.

For instance, Capcom’s massive RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2, reached 184K concurrent players at launch. Manor Lords is following behind quite closely, highlighting its popularity, set to eclipse various AAA releases.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the ongoing success is that Slavic Magic seems to have created a unique project despite the many limitations of indie and early-access titles.

The combination of real-time battles and strategic city-building elements will surely result in memorable gameplay for the hundreds of thousands currently logged into Steam.

Manor Lords
Manor Lords Is Available On Game Pass

It should also be noted that the title is available from day one on Game Pass. Therefore, the current buzz may pull in subscribers to try the game on this service as well.

Over on Steam, Manor Lords is currently the best-selling release, standing tall above all the other free-to-play and premium games on the platform.

The game is so popular, in fact, that many buyers were unable to gain access following the load on Steam’s servers. Seeing an indie developer succeeding like this is heartwarming, but Manor Lords’ story is just getting started.

As an early access title, it will receive updates for years to come as the developer attempts to maximize its potential.

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