RDNA 4 Navi 48 GPU Spotted As AMD Prepares For Next-Gen

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RDNA 4 Inbound!

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  • AMD software engineers have started laying the foundation for the new RDNA 4 series cards.
  • RDNA 4 will only include two GPUs, including Navi 48 and Navi 44.
  • AMD is expected to skip launching high-end cards in the Radeon RX 8000 series.

Recent ROCm commits have provided evidence for AMD’s Navi 48 GPU. This chip is expected to power the upcoming Radeon RX 8000 series graphics cards.

By releasing the first fixes for the GPU, together with the build target and basic configuration files, AMD software engineers are laying the foundation for the new RDNA 4 series cards. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of the specs in this release.

AMD RCOM Development
AMD Is Preparing RDNA 4 GPUs

AMD has not stated when or in what form the RDNA4 architecture would be delivered, but there have been reports that the company is planning to scale back on its GPUs by skipping the introduction of high-end cards for the Radeon RX 8000. The upcoming Radeon 8000 series may only use two GPUs.

The Navi 48 GPU will lead AMD’s RDNA 4 family for the Radeon RX 8000 series. Meanwhile, a smaller Navi 44 GPU is rumored to be joining in by offering mainstream budget-class options.

It is anticipated that Navi 48, which is rumored to have 32 WGP (Work Group Processors), will not compete with Nvidia’s flagship GB202 high-end GPU. Rather, AMD plans to use two RDNA 4 GPUs to target the mid-range market.

Thus far, there’s been no official confirmation on the smaller Navi 44 GPU, which, in theory, should feature about 20 WGPs. However, AMD’s first consumer GPUs in the AMD RDNA 4 series should feature the PCIe Gen5 interface and potentially the more recent GDDR7 memory technology.

AMD could also stick with using GDDR6X memory instead to save on cost since the red team is not expected to compete with Nvidia for high-end GPUs this time around. Furthermore, we might see improvements in other sectors of the RDNA 4 architecture, offering better ray tracing and upscaling technology to match its rivals.

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