Daredevil Game Allegedly Teased By Insomniac Multiple Times

Daredevil Game From Insomniac After Wolverine?

Story Highlights
  • Director Bryan Intihar recently mentioned Daredevil during a livestream.
  • Spider-Man 2018 already included a reference to the character.
  • This reference was removed in Spider-Man 2, but Insomniac recently added it to the 2023 title.

Daredevil is one of the more underrated characters from Marvel. Compared to the likes of Spider-Man or Iron Man, the character has not received as much attention despite a popular TV show from Netflix a few years ago.

Insomniac recently released Spider-Man 2, PlayStation’s most successful first-party release to date. This franchise has also included a reference to Daredevil despite the character rarely appearing in games before.

During a recent livestream, creative director Bryan Intihar appears to have dropped another hint about Daredevil.

Why it matters: These teasers have led to speculation about a potential Daredevil game from Insomniac after the studio has shown proficiency in creating games based on comic-book IPs.

Celebrating the launch of Spider-Man 2 and its soundtrack, Insomniac recently hosted a livestream on Twitch. Toward the end of the stream, the Spider-Man creative director said:

“Where is Daredevil?”

Fans were quick to pick up on this statement. Given past teasers, the creative director has sparked a lot of speculation on social media platforms, even if the statement was made in jest.

What makes this statement so interesting is the fact that Spider-Man from 2018 contained a reference to Daredevil through a sign that said: “Nelson & Murdock.” This is a reference to Matt Murdock, the character’s actual name.

Insomniac removed this sign in Spider-Man 2, but it was recently readded through a patch. Whether intentional or unintentional, this led to waves of excitement across the gaming industry.

Coupled with the developer’s supposed tease from the livestream, fans are seemingly convinced that something is in the works behind the scenes.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Not too long ago, Insomniac confirmed that the studio’s Wolverine and Spider-Man exist in the same universe.

Given the fact that the studio has previously referenced The Avengers in past games, it would not be surprising to find out that various Marvel characters are present in this world as more than just a reference.

Whether Daredevil shows up as a DLC character or a protagonist in his own game from Insomniac, we are looking forward to seeing these teasers realized in the future.

However, it is important to note that nothing is confirmed for now. Since the developer is accelerating work on Wolverine, we would recommend keeping expectations in check. If a Daredevil project is indeed happening, it will require several years to manifest.

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