Insomniac’s Wolverine and Spider-Man Share Single Universe

Opening Up Possibilities of Future Crossovers!

Insomniac has confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine will share a universe with their popular Spider-Man games. In a recent chat on Kinda Funny Games, Bryan Intihar revealed that both games exist in Marvel’s universe 1048.

Why it matters: The co-existence of two different gaming narratives in the same universe is an interesting idea. There will be lots of secrets and easter eggs from both games for players to explore in the upcoming games.

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When asked about the idea of both games existing in the same universe, Bryan Intihar confidently stated:

“They’re all 1048.”

In addition to Wolverine, it is understood that The Avengers also exist in this universe since 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man already contained the Avengers Tower.

With Wolverine and Spider-Man existing in a shared universe, Insomniac could plan a crossover between the characters in the future. Bryan Intihar has already alluded to an Avengers-like event for a future Spider-Man game after comparing Spider-Man 2 to Civil War.

Both characters have also been featured in a single game before. 2008’s Spider-Man Web of Shadows saw Spider-Man teaming up with Wolverine and other Marvel characters like Moon Knight.

Therefore, a shared universe leaves such possibilities open for Insomniac if the developer aims to pursue similar crossovers in the future. However, Marvel’s Wolverine will deliver a solo narrative for the time being.

During the podcast, Bryan Intihar highlighted the need to let the team have creative control over their vision. The creative director wants the team to shape their story without outside interference, so a crossover will not happen for this game.

Marvel Wolverine Game

The big reveal of Marvel’s Wolverine in September 2021 was an exciting moment in the gaming world. Through Insomniac’s skill and creative flair, the character’s story is set to come alive, offering an emotionally impactful tale alongside action-packed gameplay.

With Spider-Man 2 out of the way, developers at the studio have begun to transition to this title. Steve Blum is also expected to reprise his role in the game, as suggested by an old social media post.

With Wolverine and Spider-Man coming together under Insomniac’s skilled direction, a new era begins.

The idea of a shared universe gives Insomniac a platform for creating worlds. Bringing together these iconic characters ensures an experience that goes beyond separate stories.

As we look forward to more details about this superhero adventure, a shared universe brings a world of exciting possibilities. The chance for crossovers, joint missions, and epic face-offs between Wolverine and Spider-Man is a fascinating prospect for fans of the Marvel gaming universe.

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