Steve Blum Might Be Returning For Marvel’s Wolverine

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Iconic Voice Actor Returning?

Over a year ago, Insomniac Games announced a new game based on a superhero IP. After the developer’s success with Marvel’s Spider-Man, the studio wants to make the definitive game for Wolverine. 

Marvel’s Wolverine was announced with a cinematic trailer, and PlayStation has been silent about the game since then. However, recent leaks have revealed little information about Logan’s next video-game outing.

Reliable leaker Jeff Grubb hinted that Marvel’s Wolverine would aim for a Mature rating, staying true to the character’s violent nature. A writer from Spec Ops: The Line is also working as the Narrative Director for the game, further hinting at darker themes.

While not much else is known about the title, fans have recently spotted a post on Steve Blum’s social media. The voice actor has previously played the role of Wolverine in various games, which has led to speculation about him reprising his role for Marvel’s Wolverine.

Marvel Wolverine

Steve Blum states that he is under NDA and cannot reveal the game, but this has not stopped fans from speculating. 

The actor also voiced Wolverine in the recently released Marvel’s Midnight Suns, but his history with the character is decades old. However, it is also possible that Steve Blum was recording for an entirely different game. 

Mortal Kombat 12 was recently announced in an earnings call. Steve Blum voices the iconic Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, so the voice actor’s post could be related to the future game from NetherRealm Studios. 

Additionally, Steve Blum has been a part of franchises like Call of Duty, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and more. Therefore, narrowing down the number of possibilities is difficult, but his potential return to Marvel’s Wolverine is exciting nonetheless. 

Marvel’s Wolverine reportedly aims for a 2024 release, but the game might be internally delayed to 2025. This time frame is also similar to a recently discussed release window for GTA 6, which would make for an exciting few releases close to each other for the gaming industry.

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