Marvel’s Wolverine is an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive from the developers behind Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation consoles. Insomniac Games has already managed to win fans over with their excellent adaption of the Spider-Man game series, and many fans are looking forward to their take on Wolverine.

While Insomniac’s involvement in the project is enough to guarantee a certain level of quality, the upcoming game could shock audiences in the storytelling department. Last year, Walt Williams was confirmed to be the Story Writer on Insomniac’s upcoming game. Walt is most famous for his work on Spec Ops: The Line. In 2012, the game’s narrative was highly praised for a gripping war story that led to a thought-provoking tale about the morality of humanity’s actions.

Therefore, it would not be too far-fetched to assume that Marvel’s Wolverine will have an equally impressive story to tell. Moreover, a recent tweet from Walt could have even better implications for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive. Walt Williams has now been promoted to Narrative Director for Marvel’s Wolverine.

Wolverine Spec Ops The Line Spider-Man
The image shows Walt Wiliams’ Twitter bio

As the image shows, Walt Williams has recently updated his bio on Twitter. Before this change, Walt’s bio stated that he was the Story Lead on the upcoming game. This change means that Walt will now have full creative control over the upcoming game’s story. Being the director, Walt will now be able to bring his intriguing and grounded approach to storytelling to Insomniac’s Wolverine.

This is also great news for fans of the Wolverine character. Unlike Spider-Man, Wolverine has been known to have a relatively darker tone in the comics. Given the history of Walt’s works in the past, this makes him the perfect choice for a Wolverine story.

In 2018, Marvel’s Spider-Man redefined expectations for the superhero genre of video games. Insomniac was praised for their take on Peter Parker and the brilliant portrayal of a Spider-Man story. It seems like the developers will once again bring this same level of care to the characters and story for the upcoming game.

With a legend like Walt leading the charge, fans can expect an engaging narrative that dives deep into the characters and the world surrounding them. Marvel’s Wolverine is already shaping up to be something special, and it seems like Insomniac is focused on making Wolverine’s return to gaming, a worthwhile experience.

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