PS5 Shipped Over 46.6 Million Units, Confirms Sony

Nearly 5 Million Shipped In Last Three Months!

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  • PS5 has shipped nearly 5 million consoles in the last three months.
  • Various discounts from Sony have contributed to the sales.
  • The console has shipped a total of 46.6 million units in less than three years. 

The PS5 has come a long way since its launch in 2020. With a library of over 2500 games, this system is miles ahead of the competition in the home console market.

As of August, the console had shipped over 41.7 million units, but Sony has confirmed updated sales figures in its latest financial earnings. According to Sony, the PS5 shipped 4.9 million units last quarter, bringing the total up to 46.6 million shipments.

Why it matters: This figure puts the console just one million units behind the PS4 when comparing sales in a similar amount of time after launch, showing that Sony’s recent efforts have led to impressive results.

PS5 sales
Source: Sony

Sony’s earnings report covers the period from July to September, which means PS5 has sold nearly 5 million units in just three months.

Compared to the same period last year, it sold over 1.6 million more consoles, which is mainly because Sony has worked on the supply shortages and released some of the best exclusive titles of the year.

Sony has also confirmed updated numbers for Spider-Man 2 sales. This first-party title has achieved 5 million sales in just 11 days. Final Fantasy 16, another exclusive in 2023, reached 3 million sales within 6 days.

We believe Spider-Man 2, in particular, has also been a huge reason for the surge in the recent sales apart from the appeal of PlayStation as a gaming platform.

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5

Sony has prepared many sales and discounts for the PS5 in recent months. These measures have been part of the push for record-breaking sales, and we believe the console will continue to soar to new heights during the holidays.

The PS5 Slim is arriving in the coming days, which will lead to an even more abundant supply for Sony. Combining this new release with the holidays should result in a very impressive period of sales.

Nonetheless, with great games like Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and a PS5 Pro console expected in 2024, Sony is poised to carry this momentum into the next year.

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