PS5 Slim To Arrive On The Market On 10 November

Will Be Bundled With Spider-Man 2!

Like past console generations, Sony has revised the PS5 after three years. A new model was announced last week, confirming changes like a weight and size reduction alongside a detachable disc drive.

Sony announced that the console would arrive in November, but no date was provided. Following two reports, the PS5 Slim appears to be set for a 10 November release.

Why it matters: With the arrival of the exceptionally reviewed Spider-Man 2, the new console presents the perfect opportunity for newcomers to join the PlayStation ecosystem.

This information comes from Billbil-kun, a reliable leaker who was the first to leak the Horizon Forbidden West PC port. According to the other sources, Sony has already made 4.5 million units of the console.

The gaming giant plans to begin selling the console on 10 November, bundling it with Spider-Man 2 to capitalize on the buzz for the game. This bundle is expected to cost $560 and include the detachable disc drive.

On the same day, the console will be released in other parts of the world, including Japan.

PlayStation 5 Slim

The PS5 Slim will go through a transition period, with Sony selling both consoles on the market. Once stock of older PS5 models has been depleted, Sony will exclusively sell the PS5 Slim.

We believe gamers looking to purchase a PS5 should consider this model. In the past, revised editions have become popular for their improved efficiency, thermal management, and more.

Following the latest console’s arrival, the release of a hardware refresh is also imminent. The PS5 Pro is expected to arrive next year, and recent rumors claim it could offer performance comparable to the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT.

This would make it the most capable console on the market, allowing developers to aim for higher frame rates and resolution targets in addition to more intensive ray tracing implementations.

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