PS5 Slim

PS5 Slim Discounted By €75 In Europe First Time Since Launch

The recently launched PS5 Slim has already seen major discounts in the Europe region since the console is €75 off.

PS5 Slim Is Smaller But Retains 6nm SoC From Previous Model

The updated PS5 console offers a more compact and slimmer look but retains the same 6nm SoC of its predecessor.

PS5 Slim To Arrive On The Market On 10 November

A reliable leaker has confirmed that Sony will launch the PS5 Slim on 10 November, bundling the console with Spider-Man 2.

Xbox Allegedly Planning Disc Drive Add-on Like PS5 Slim

A rumor points to a disc add-on for Xbox consoles in the future similar to the recently announced PS5 console.

Sony’s Tiny PS5 Slim Stand Becomes Meme On Social Media

The PS5 Slim has become the subject of memes after Sony revealed it comes with a very small horizontal stand.

PS5 Slim Redesign Announced; Digital Edition Starts At $450

Sony has officially announced a new console design for the PS5. This model will replace the existing design in November 2023.

PS5 Discounted By £75 In The UK Again Amid Rumors of Slim Console

The PS5 is currently on sale again in the United Kingdom, with Sony selling the console for £75 off till September 8.

The First PS5 Slim Image Has Allegedly Been Leaked Online

Various reports have claimed that Sony is gearing up to release the PS5 Slim, and a user has now provided a first look at the new console.

Amazon Change Suggests PS5 Slim Console Imminent In 2023

The PS5 has received an update on Amazon UK, providing further evidence of the rumored launch of the PS5 Slim console.

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