PS5 Discounted By £75 In The UK Again Amid Rumors of Slim Console

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Available At £404 For Two Weeks!

The PS5 has gone on sale quite often in Europe recently to encourage more players to buy the console. While the console is doing well in Europe, the CEO of Sony has recently said that PS5 sales are a bit weak in the UK.

To address the disappointing figures after discounts, Sony has announced that PS5 is going on sale in the UK again, currently being sold for £75 less than MSRP.

Why it matters: Sony has already sold over 41 million PS5 units, but the gaming giant hopes to meet a target of 25 million units sold during the current fiscal year.

PlayStation hopes to entice players through this promotion, moving one step closer to its goal of 25 million units sold by March 2024. The PS5 is currently available for £404 in the UK, and the sale will last for nearly two weeks till September 8.

Since Sony was not happy with the previous response in the UK, the gaming giant had already confirmed that more promotions would be introduced in the region, and the latest announcement confirms that such measures are now being put into place.

Previously, Sony saw a 75% surge in sales when it introduced various promotions across the region. With games like Spider-Man 2 closer than ever and marketing in full swing, the latest promotion may lead to even better results for the PS5.

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Another potential reason for these frequent promotions may have to do with the rumored PS5 Slim console. Previously, it was expected that Sony was looking to clear stock through these promotions before introducing the new console.

A recent leak has also shown images of the console, highlighting a similar design to the current model.

Recently, Sony has also introduced the PlayStation portal for $200. This is the latest addition of accessories to the PlayStation ecosystem, which is set to grow further through PlayStation’s sales and promotions across various parts of the world.

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