Sony Believes UK’s Response To PS5 Price Drop Was Underwhelming

Sony Expected More Sales In UK!

The PS5 is among the best-selling gaming console at the moment, having sold 41 million units globally. Sony has also begun a wave of new promotions to encourage new buyers to purchase the console.

The decision to reduce the price of the console has been welcomed by many, but the Sony CEO has been disappointed by the UK’s response.

Why it matters: The UK is considered an important region for PlayStation, with the gaming giant dominating the console market. This significance makes it an important part of Sony’s overall goal for the fiscal year.

PlayStation 5 PS5

Sony’s CEO, Hiroki Totoki, recently shared insights on the performance of the PS5 in different regions during a financial call.

Speaking about the recent wave of promotions, Totoki highlighted that Japan and Europe have demonstrated strong sales, but the UK market has shown a “bit weak” response to the recent price drop. He said:

“In United Kingdom, Ps5 sales are a bit weak, but Europe as a whole has been performing quite well.”

Moreover, the CEO expressed his disappointment over the total sales of the PS5 during the last quarter. Hardware sales were recorded at 3.3 million, but this number was lower than what Sony had anticipated for its goal of 25 million sales in the fiscal year.

Looking forward, Sony’s upcoming releases, including titles like Spider-Man 2, could potentially address the “weak” reaction observed in the UK. According to various reports, the gaming giant is also planning a new console revision for 2023.

These factors may help generate more excitement for PlayStation in the UK.

In this industry driven by financial gains, it is worth considering that even strong sales numbers can be grown further. Therefore, Totoki’s evaluation of the UK’s response might be subjective.

Overall, the console has been outperforming competitors like Xbox. The Xbox Series S|X consoles have sold over 21 million units, which means that PlayStation has a huge lead, with nearly twice as many consoles sold.

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