PS5 Slim Is Smaller But Retains 6nm SoC From Previous Model

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Same Power Consumption & Performance In Small Form Factor!

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  • Content creators have taken an in-depth look at the new PS5.
  • This console is smaller and weighs less than the previous model.
  • It uses the same 6nm SoC found in the most recent revision of the older PS5 model.

The PS5, just like its predecessor, is receiving a new design, which will gradually take over the original version by offering a slimmer and lighter system. This console is expected to arrive on the market on 10 November, with Sony offering bundles for games like Modern Warfare 3.

While the console has been unofficially dubbed the PS5 Slim, it appears to retain most of its earlier model’s properties, showing a much smaller difference than past console revisions.

The internals are also similar, with the console reusing the same 6nm SoC as its predecessor.

Why it matters: Traditionally, slimmer revisions have been more efficient and less power-hungry. However, this model appears to drop this trait.

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Unsurprisingly, the new PS5 is smaller and weighs less than its predecessor. The updated console recently appeared in tear-down videos from content creators like Linus Tech Tips and Dave2D.

According to Dave Lee, the ‘console is not that much smaller.’ However, the console’s weight has been significantly cut back. The disc variant now weighs 3.2 kg compared to the 3.9 kg weight of the most recent fat PS5.

On the other hand, the digital variant of the PS5 Slim weighs just 2.6 kg.

It was also rumored that the new updated version of the console would feature a new 5nm chip. This rumor has since been ruled out, as the new updated model uses the same 6nm AMD Oberon Plus processor.

This is the same 6nm AMD Oberon Plus processor used in the 2022 revision of the original PS5, while earlier models of the console featured a 7nm SoC. This means that the updated model has the same TDP as its larger counterpart.

Aside from a slimmer design, the new console comes with a detachable disc drive, giving the user an option to upgrade their console later on if needed. Moreover, it features an updated cooling design with a 19-blade cooling fan from Foxconn and an alteration of the internal and external vent structure.

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