Modern Warfare 3 Is The Best Selling Game On PlayStation & Steam

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Despite Recent Criticism & Poor Reviews!

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  • Modern Warfare 3 is still four days away from its launch.
  • While the game has faced much criticism already, it is selling well.
  • It is currently the best-selling game on the PlayStation Store and Steam. 

Modern Warfare 3 is swiftly approaching its worldwide launch, but early impressions of the game have begun to surface. With players finishing the campaign, it has received criticism for offering an experience lasting just four hours.

The quality of this campaign has also been criticized, with players pointing toward uninspired levels and reused assets. However, this has not stopped Call of Duty from dominating sales charts.

Modern Warfare 3 is already the best-selling game on the PlayStation Store.

Why it matters: The initial outrage over the campaign and its length led many to believe that Call of Duty may not be able to find its audience this year. However, this is clearly not the case.

Despite recent releases like Spider-Man 2, the Call of Duty entry can be found at the top of PlayStation’s best-selling games. It has also beaten the likes of Fortnite to reach this position.

While fans are calling the Modern Warfare 3 campaign the worst one in the franchise, it appears the traditional appeal of Call of Duty multiplayer has compensated for the weak single-player.

Modern Warfare 3 is betting on nostalgia, offering 16 maps from Modern Warfare 2 to entice old and new players to purchase this entry. Apart from multiplayer, Call of Duty’s popular zombie mode is also returning.

For anyone familiar with Call of Duty, such impressive sales are not surprising. Even at its worst, the franchise has retained its position among the best-selling games each year, so this is just par for the course.

Apart from PlayStation, the game appears to be dominating Steam’s best-selling charts. However, readers should note that Activision has unified recent Call of Duty games. Therefore, the application shown also includes Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone downloads.

MW3 Best Selling Title
Source: Steam

We believe Activision’s bet on nostalgia is paying off. Apart from older maps, Sledgehammer Games has made critical changes to the multiplayer experience that the community has wanted for over a year.

This has led to a promising start for Modern Warfare 3 despite the accusations that this entry is not much more than a DLC.

While the game is still a few days away from its launch, we expect impressive results at launch, even if the game fails to match up to the record-breaking release of last year’s Modern Warfare 2.

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