PS5 Slim Redesign Announced; Digital Edition Starts At $450

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Includes Detachable Disc Drive & 1TB SSD!

Following months of rumors and leaks, the new PS5 console has been officially announced.

The console was first detailed by a reliable leaker who claimed it would include a detachable disc drive, eliminating the need for Sony to produce two separate models.

Why it matters: Sony’s latest PS5 console supports a detachable disc drive. Therefore, users can buy a digital model and retain the option to upgrade it to the equivalent of the physical model later.

Despite the rumors dubbing it the PS5 Slim, the console was expected to launch with a similar form factor as its predecessor.

PlayStation’s images confirm this is the case, with the gaming giant moving away from the ‘Slim’ branding after several generations. Over on the PS Blog, Sony has outlined the new model’s characteristics.

Sony PlayStation PS5
New PS5 Model

While this model isn’t dubbed the ‘PS5 Slim,’ PlayStation boasts an 18% reduction in weight and a 30% reduction in volume. Therefore, the model will retain some of the benefits of previous traditional revisions.

According to PlayStation, a separate disc drive will be available for $80, allowing users to upgrade their console from a digital to a physical model after the initial purchase.

However, the gaming giant has also bumped up the default price of the PS5 Digital Edition. In the US, the PS5 will now start at $450. Fortunately, the most expensive model has retained its $500 price.

The new PlayStation console will launch worldwide in November 2023.  This period will see both the current and new PS5 models being sold worldwide, but PlayStation will transition to the new model once the previous inventory is sold out.

Recently, the gaming giant introduced a special edition console for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, celebrating the game’s 20 October release. For those looking to pick up this edition or the new plates, the older console variant is still a compelling purchase.

Nonetheless, PlayStation reiterates that the new model delivers everything the industry has come to love about the PS5. It also ships with a 1TB SSD, adding slightly more storage for a better experience.

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