PS5 Slim To Reportedly Feature Similar Form Factor As Existing Console

Might Not Be Slim At All!

Rumors about the PS5 Slim began after a reliable leaker reported on an upcoming PlayStation model with a detachable disc drive. Following this leak, Microsoft suggested Sony would release the PS5 Slim in 2023.

Another insider, Nick from Xboxera, recently tweeted that PlayStation could have another gaming event in August to reveal the slim console. However, Tom Henderson believes this may not be the case.

According to the leaker, the next PS5 console may be different from traditional slim revisions. He believes the supposed PS5 Slim is not much smaller or lighter than the existing model.

Why it matters: PlayStation has a long history of releasing slimmer versions of consoles. The PS4 and PS3 received slim versions after a few years, and fans had expected a similar model for the PS5.

Fans should note Tom Henderson was the source of the new PS5 model with the detachable disc drive. He does not know when the console will be revealed, but he believes a reveal is coming soon due to the September release.

In reference to the name of the console, Tom Henderson stated:

“I’m inclined to believe it will just be called a PS5 and branded as an improved model.”

As expected, Tom Henderson believes the anticipated console will completely replace the current PS5.

This has been the case with previous slim revisions. These consoles are generally more efficient and cost-effective, making them more profitable for Sony and Microsoft. However, Sony might not use the ‘slim’ branding for the new console.

The leaker also claims the console is unlikely to be much slimmer than the current model. It is likely to feature different dimensions, but this would set it apart from other slim PlayStation consoles.

Tom Henderson claims to have already seen prototypes of the console. The leaker has been accurate in the past, providing evidence for his latest claim. Nonetheless, an official announcement appears to be right around the corner, so fans can look forward to more details from Sony.

The PS5 Slim is expected to be priced at $400, with a disc drive attachment being sold for $100. However, the branding and marketing strategy for the console remains a mystery for now.

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