Square Enix Believes Final Fantasy 16 Sales Are Extremely Strong

Square Enix Happy With The Sales!

Final Fantasy 16 sold 3 million copies in a few days. While this was an impressive sales figure, many considered it disappointing for an iconic franchise like Final Fantasy.

Previously, games like Final Fantasy 15 shipped over 5 million units in the first few days after launch, leading to discussions about the success of the latest entry. However, Square Enix has now shared its thoughts on Final Fantasy 16.

As reported by IGN, Square Enix is very happy with the game.

Why it matters: Before its release, reports claimed that Square Enix was concerned about Final Fantasy 16. According to sources, the game’s preorders were tracking below the company’s expectations.

The gaming giant stated:

“Square Enix considers the initial sales results of Final Fantasy 16 to be extremely strong.”

The gaming giant also pointed out the difference in install bases between the PS5 and previous consoles. According to Sony’s last report, the PS5 has sold nearly 40 million units worldwide.

However, games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched to a much larger install base. By 2020, PS4 sales had surpassed 100 million units, leading to over twice as many potential buyers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The game took half as long to reach the 3 million milestone as Final Fantasy 16, but the latter’s figure is still impressive considering the limited number of PS5 users worldwide. Final Fantasy 15 also launched on multiple console platforms, making it easier for the game to reach higher sales figures.

Furthermore, Square Enix confirms future plans to encourage more players to try Final Fantasy 16. A similar statement was made by Producer Naoki Yoshida, who claimed to have an eighteen-month-long plan to improve sales after launch.

A PC release has been confirmed. This would lead to another surge in sales, with a few older players also returning for an enhanced experience on the PC platform.

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