Final Fantasy 16 Producer Developed 18 Month Post Release Plan For Sales

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18 Month Plan To Boost Sales After Launch!

Final Fantasy 16 has been the center of attention for months, and the game is finally ready to be released. The latest mainline Final Fantasy will be released for PS5 on June 22, and a demo will also be made available two weeks before launch.

While many are excited about the game, a new report claimed that preorder numbers for Final Fantasy 16 are a bit concerning for Square Enix. However, Producer Naoki Yoshida already has a long-term sales plan for the game, which may help with these concerns.

Why it matters: Final Fantasy has been falling behind other popular franchises in recent years, but the 16th mainline entry appears to be a return to form, with large-scale action and an engaging story.

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During a recent interview, Naoki Yoshida was asked about his plans for the marketing strategy after the game’s release. According to a translation, he replied stating:

“I’ve laid out a plan on sales that would last about 18 months.”

The Producer believes it is essential to look at the long-term sales of the game. This also leads to his marketing strategy, where the studio will try to ensure Final Fantasy 16 sales are extended for as long as possible.

Naoki Yoshida elaborated on factors like word of mouth. This includes gaming streams, reviews, and general fan perception after a game is released. He also pointed to highly-popular games like Fortnite and Apex Legends as examples of games that have benefited from positive reactions.

The team has already been very active with the marketing, showing several hours of gameplay and highlighting big set pieces that could convince gamers to purchase the title. This also shows the Producer’s attempt to convince upcoming PS5 buyers to buy the game alongside the console.

Naoki Yoshida did not elaborate on the long-term sales plan too much, but this likely includes incentives like discounts and sponsored streams, encouraging gamers to try the game.

Square Enix can also consider adding the game to the PS Plus subscription or offering another demo later down the line. Final Fantasy 16 is expected to arrive on PC after the exclusivity period ends, and this will likely result in another round of marketing for the game.

As such, the Producer appears to have planned for all of these situations beforehand.

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