Starfield: Bethesda Sold The Most Copies On PC Platform

PC Is Leading Platform For Starfield!

Starfield, like other Bethesda games, offers a lot of benefits for PC users. Mod support has brought features like DLSS and seamless space travel, continuing the developer’s legacy as a PC-centric studio.

While the studio’s latest release is a console exclusive for Xbox and available on Game Pass, the RPG appears to have found itself right at home on the PC platform. As reported by Circana, most copies of the game were sold on PC in the US.

Why it matters: Many have argued that Xbox Game Pass releases can have a negative impact on sales. However, Starfield appears to prove the opposite, with platforms like Steam and the Xbox Store being extremely popular for the RPG on PC.


According to the report, Starfield was September’s best-selling game in the region. It also climbed to the 7th position on the list of best-selling releases of 2023 so far.

While the statistics do not confirm the exact divide between platforms, Steam likely accounted for a large percentage of the game’s sales. A previous report claimed over 1 million players had already bought the game on the platform in early access.

Looking at the concurrent player counts, Starfield reached around 330K players on Steam at its peak. The game was also frequently seen at the top of the best-sellers list after release.

Traditionally, Bethesda games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim have found similar success on the platform. Therefore, the latest release appears to have continued this tradition despite Microsoft’s marketing push with Xbox.

Unlike consoles, this platform also offers 60FPS gameplay. This benefit, combined with mod support, likely encouraged players to shift toward the PC platform.


We believe a PC release for first-party games was the right move for Microsoft. The modern industry is gradually shifting toward PC releases for console exclusives, and Starfield is just one of the many games that highlight the benefits of this trend.

Nonetheless, Starfield has been a breakout hit for Bethesda and Microsoft. On PC, in particular, the studio has confirmed upcoming additions like DLSS and FOV customization, which will likely encourage more people to pick it up once the game goes on sale in a few months.

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