Spider-Man 2 Skipping New Game+ Mode At Release

Will Be Added Through A Post-Launch Update!

A Marvel icon is ready to take over PlayStation again. Spider-Man 2 is just two days away from release, promising the most feature-rich game for the superhero.

For the latest adventure, Insomniac Games is letting players loose in a bigger New York, adding two playable characters, and creating bigger set pieces using the PS5 hardware. However, the studio has recently confirmed one missing feature.

According to James Stevenson from Insomniac Games, Spider-Man 2 will come without New Game+ at release.

Why it matters: New Game+ is usually a highly-requested feature as it allows a different experience once the game has been completed. Therefore, some may be disappointed with the announcement.

This announcement was made by the community director, who was recently asked about mission replay and New Game+.

He confirmed that the game will not launch with these features, and they will not be included in a day-one patch. However, the studio is hoping to release them through a patch in the future.

Another PlayStation game, God of War Ragnarok, highlighted a similar pattern. The game launched without the feature, later adding it in April 2023. Insomniac Games appears to be following suit.

In the past, the studio was quick to add New Game+ to its first Spider-Man game, providing the mode in October 2018. Therefore, fans can expect the update to arrive within two or three months.

Marvel's Spider-Man

New Game+ is beneficial because it allows players to carry over their skills and abilities to a new playthrough. Therefore, it eliminates the loop of progression, giving players access to a complete arsenal from the beginning.

This makes it a joy to replay a game and experience it in a different manner. Unfortunately, Spider-Man 2 will not be able to provide this experience upon release.

We believe New Game+ would have been a great addition to Spider-Man 2 at release because the game offers around 30 hours of content. Therefore, some players may find themselves wanting to replay it soon after completion.

Nonetheless, this is just a small drawback in a game expected to become PlayStation’s biggest first-party release.

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