Diablo 4 Review Bombed Immediately After Steam Release

Another Poor Blizzard Steam Release After Overwatch 2!

Diablo 4 was off to a great start in June. With a record-breaking launch and 10 million players during the first month, Blizzard seemingly had a winning formula with the ARPG.

However, since then, a series of poor decisions has led to dwindling popularity. Following a patch that nerfed nearly every class, the Diablo community caused an uproar and began to dislike the game.

The game has been review-bombed multiple times in the past, and it appears history is repeating itself. Following its Steam release, Diablo 4 has begun to receive negative reviews, currently showing a mixed reception.

Why it matters: Many believe Blizzard is no longer the exceptional development studio it used to be, with many recent releases failing to impress long time fans.

Diablo 4 Steam
Source: Steam

At the time of writing, the game has a total of 404 reviews, with 44% of the reviews being negative.

Diablo 4 is receiving negative reviews for a variety of reasons, with one being a general dislike toward Blizzard, leading to criticism. Recently, Overwatch 2 also received similar reviews.

One user made quite a harsh comment about Blizzard and its releases in recent years. The review said:

“During my childhood Blizzard couldn’t get it wrong. As an adult, they can’t get it right.”

Diablo 4 Steam
Diablo 4 on Steam

The most frequently cited causes in these reviews include microtransactions, poor UI, server problems, and bugs.

Blizzard’s focus on battle passes and cosmetic DLC has also received criticism. This has led some users to conclude that the company is more focused on making money than providing high-quality games.

Various reviews have compared the title to Baldur’s Gate 3, while some have linked to Baldur’s Gate 3, encouraging RPG fans to try Larian Studios’ release.

Nonetheless, many of the recent reviews on Steam do not appear to be genuine. Looking at the playtime, many Steam users have less than an hour in Diablo 4 before leaving a review, pointing to trolling.

We believe the game is certainly not without its issues, but Blizzard can turn things around. The Diablo franchise has a long history, and the company hopes to support the latest release longer than any previous iteration.

Therefore, all hope is not lost, and the studio has many opportunities to redeem the RPG through upcoming seasons.

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