Diablo 4 User Score Fell To 2.6 After Recent Review Bombs

Recent Update Poorly Received!

Diablo 4 started well with excellent reception, and it managed to become the fastest-selling Blizzard game. Millions of gamers anticipated the title, and it sold more than 10 million units in June.

Despite this success, the game was review bombed for reasons like server issues and a rocky launch. However, Diablo 4 is being review bombed again, and the Metacritic user score has dropped to 2.6.

Why it matters: Many games faced waves of negative reviews from angry users in recent months. This has become a massive concern for Metacritic, and the platform hopes to find a solution to the issue.

Diablo 4 Review Bombing On PS5
Source: Metacritic

The negative reviews have flooded Diablo 4 after the latest patch, which heavily nerfed all available classes. This has caused frustration among the fans who prefer the weaker classes, as the end game has become even harder for them.

Players believe classes like the Sorcerer are not viable anymore. Fans have also stormed the game’s subreddit with comments threatening to delete the game.

Diablo 4

Some fans have said Blizzard is making the game more of a grind. Looking at a few of the recent reviews, it is clear that general changes from Blizzard have not been well received.

This has led to various players claiming that the developer is out of touch and does not care about the community. Following the review bombing, the user score on Metacritic fell to 2.6 for the PS5 version.

However, various players continue to add negative reviews to the title, and this score will likely continue to decrease. The game has over 3K reviews on PS5, but 2.5K reviews are negative.

Many of the negative reviews have been added recently, with players expressing frustration over Blizzard’s decisions in the patch.

With various negative reviews and general outcry, Blizzard has acknowledged the issues. Therefore, the developers will hold a campfire chat on Friday to discuss the update. Blizzard could be looking to reverse recent changes to please the community.

Therefore, the campfire chat is likely to provide various important updates for the Diablo 4 fandom.

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