Threads Daily Active Users Saw Massive Drop To 23.6 Million In One Week

Dropped From 49 To 23.6 Million!

A social network’s launch is one of the most crucial parts of its lifecycle to gauge interest from the general public and its ability to keep people on the application. If an application fails in the initial days, it can lose its appeal quickly.

Threads from the Meta platform is facing a similar situation. The new application is similar to Twitter and accumulated over 100 million users in a few days. However, it recently saw a sharp decline in users and time spent.

ChatGPT’s success was also overshadowed by the 100 million registrants that Threads attracted in less than a week. Even though it was not novel, this meta-social network exceeded all expectations.

The ability to post threads of up to 500 characters appeals to millions of users. Meta has kept the like and share buttons and allows users to link their Instagram accounts on the website.

All of this has resulted in a social network that does not provide much to the market. While there was a lot of interest in the beginning, users are quickly moving away from Meta’s alternative to Twitter.

According to data from Sensor Tower, the platform had 45 million daily active users on July 6. However, this number fell to 28 million on July 13, suggesting a 38% drop in users over a week.

Threads vs Twitter

This decline in users is likely worrying because it happened so soon after the service was released, indicating that some users have already decided to move away from the platform.

If this was not bad enough, there has been a 75% drop in the time spent by users on this social network, from 20 minutes to 7 minutes. Comparatively, Instagram usage time has barely changed, remaining at about 60 minutes.

The same can be said for Twitter, which maintains an average of 30 minutes daily, despite recent efforts to reduce the number of viewable tweets every day. Since the introduction of Threads, the total number of Twitter users has remained unchanged.

While the data is not entirely precise, it provides a rough idea of the platform’s slipping position on the social media market. The other networks have been around for a while, and their user bases have stabilized.

However, if Threads continues like this, barely anyone will join for longer than a few minutes before leaving.

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