Diablo 4 Reached Over 10 Million Players In June

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Runner For Best Selling Game Of 2023!

Diablo 4 was expected to be massive after a record-breaking beta, and it quickly made over $600 million in revenue.

The gaming giant has just released its financial earnings report, reiterating the massive success of the latest Diablo entry. According to the report, over 10 million players have experienced Diablo 4.

Why it matters: Diablo 4 is the first major entry in the franchise after 2013’s Diablo 3. This made it an important release for Blizzard and fans of the IP.

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Following months of anticipation, the game delivered on its promises and impressed audiences. It has received excellent critical reception, and this success has helped the title become the fastest-selling game from the studio.

Since it follows a live service model, Diablo 4 is just getting started. The developer has confirmed several seasons of post-launch content, with the first season set to be released on July 20. Additionally, fans can expect plenty of cosmetic DLC.

A recent banner hinted at the game’s addition to Xbox Game Pass. While this was quickly proven false, the game could be released on the subscription after October, once Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard.

This would enable the game to see another successful run, bringing millions of new players from the subscription service.

This figure also makes Diablo 4 one of the best-selling games in 2023. While titles like Tears of the Kingdom and Hogwarts Legacy have achieved 10 million sales in an incredibly short amount of time, the Diablo franchise has proven that it is no slouch either.

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