Former Rockstar Dev Claims GTA 6 Graphics Will Look Just Like The Trailer

"It is Really Going To Look Like This"

Story Highlights
  • GTA 6 has blown everyone away, with the visuals being a highlight.
  • This visual fidelity has sparked skepticism, with some claiming that real footage will not look as good.
  • A former GTA 5 developer claims that everything in the trailer is real-time footage.

The GTA 6 trailer shows what appears to be the most stunning open-world game to date. Compared to GTA Vice City, the new footage is leaps and bounds ahead, almost mimicking the real-life locations.

This level of quality is unrivaled in the industry, allowing Rockstar to break as many as 3 Guinness World Records. However, some are still in disbelief, waiting for the gameplay trailer before jumping on the hype train.

There is suspicion about the game’s visuals and graphical fidelity in the industry, but a former Rockstar developer claims there is nothing to worry about.

Why it matters: Gamers have been hurt by footage that is not representative of the final game time and again. Therefore, there is skepticism about Rockstar meeting the bar shown in the GTA 6 trailer.

YouTube video

Mike has recently uploaded a video reacting to the GTA 6 trailer. Before his reaction, the developer confirmed his involvement in GTA 5 as part of Rockstar New England.

This gives him more credibility on the subject since the developer should be able to discern the difference between real-time graphics and pre-rendered footage specifically made to impress.

Like our reaction, the developer was wowed by everything shown in GTA 6. Complimenting the graphics, he added that the trailer looks incredible for in-game footage. The developer said:

“A lot of times you see a cinematic. This is not that.”

“When you play this game, it’s really going to look like this.”

Mike also commented that Rockstar’s talented teams are the best at getting the most out of console hardware, giving them an edge over other developers.

This statement is not too surprising and one that we agree with. Those looking for proof need not look further than Red Dead Redemption 2, an open-world game often dubbed the best-looking title on PS4 and Xbox One.

Similarly, GTA 5 was a miracle for existing on the PS3 and Xbox 360. For reference, these consoles only had 512MB of RAM, and the Xbox 360 was eight years old by the time GTA 5 was released.

YouTube video

Therefore, we do not doubt that Rockstar will soon deliver another miraculous title. GTA 6 is gearing up for a 2025 release, and we cannot wait to see the finished version of this game on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

While recent releases like Alan Wake 2 have delivered a taste of current-gen gaming with noticeable graphical leaps, GTA 6 will likely be the main event everyone has been waiting for.

Since 2020, these consoles have not been able to deliver the types of experiences promised during tech demos and early marketing, but Rockstar appears ready to usher in a new age for the industry.

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