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FIXED: Windows 11 Freezes But Mouse Still Moves

Learn why your Windows 11 freezes but mouse still moves, and also the methods to fix it.

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If your Windows 11 freezes but the mouse still moves, you are not the only one, as this is a common issue among users. Some glitches in the computer often cause this problem. Restarting your PC can be a quick solution for this, along with many other solutions.

Key Takeways
  • Windows 11 usually freezes because of putting too much load on the computer. 
  • Old display drivers and some incorrect configurations can also cause this issue. 
  • Restarting the PC or running troubleshoots can fix the issue if it’s a minor glitch.
  • The freezing issue in Windows 11 is reportedly fixed in the newest, so if you are using the latest version of the OS, you will most likely not face this issue.

Important: As your Windows is stuck, reboot your computer to make it functional again and then try Updating Display Drivers, remove unnecessary external devices, and check if all the important components, like RAM, are seated properly before moving to any other solutions.

Run Memory Diagnostics

The memory diagnostics analyzes the RAM in your computer. It troubleshoots the minor problems with the memory. In case of any significant problem detections, the diagnostic informs the user about that problem and its possible solutions. A similar method for diagnosing RAM has been discussed on TenForums, which fixed the issue for several users. The steps below will lead you through the memory diagnostic process: 

  1. Windows Memory Diagnostics: Click the Search icon > Type “Windows Memory Diagnostics”> Click “Open.”
    Open Windows Memory Diagnostics App
    Open The Windows Memory Diagnostics (Image By Tech4Gamers) 
  2. Restart Now: Select the “Restart now and check for problems” option. 

    Choose The Recommended Memory Diagnostics Option
    Select The First Memory Diagnostics Option (Image By Tech4Gamers) 
  3. Verify: After the computer restarts, run the program that caused the windows to freeze and check if it fixed the issue. 

Rearrange RAM Sticks

Mixing RAM sticks, brands, and types can sometimes crash the system. It is better always to use a similar type of RAM on a system. But if you already use a similar kind of RAM stick, try changing the arrangement of the sticks, which can sometimes fix the freezing issue as it did for many users on the AMD community forums.

WARNING: Be sure to align the RAM sticks correctly and don’t apply too much pressure when inserting them back; otherwise, you can end up damaging them.

Run The SFC Scan

It can be that some files in your PC have been corrupted, and those files are why your PC has frozen. Running the SFC scan may fix those files. Moreover, this method has also worked for many Windows 11 forums. Below is the procedure to initiate the SFC scan:

  1. Launch Command Prompt: Open the Search Window > Type “cmd”> Run the command prompt as an administrator.
    Run The Command Prompt As An Administrator
    Command Prompt (Image By Tech4Gamers)
  2. Enter Command: Type “sfc/scannow”> Press the enter key > Restart your PC.
Enter The SFC Scan Command
SFC Scan (Image By Tech4Gamers)


Fixing a frozen Windows 11 isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Per my experience, this issue is most commonly related to RAM. The above-discussed solutions should fix the issue, but if the problem still occurs, rearranging RAM sticks and rubbing their terminals with an eraser may allow them to work correctly and improve the freezing issue.

The freezing issue can also sometimes be caused by glitches or bugs in the OS. But this should only be the case for older versions of Windows, as reports that came out before the release of the latest version of Windows 11 confirmed that Microsoft is working to fix the freezing issue in Windows 11. A user on the Microsoft community forums has also confirmed this. So, if you are using the newest version of Windows 11, there should be less chance of you facing this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Windows 11 freeze, but the mouse still moves?

Some of the reasons for this can be too much load on the computer, antivirus or firewall interruption, outdated drivers, etc.

How can I prevent Windows 11 from freezing again?

Firstly, after rebooting the computer, run the program that freezes the windows again. If the problem continues, try the solutions mentioned in our guide.

Is the Windows 11 freezing problem temporary?

It can be a glitch resolved upon restarting the computer. Other times, there can be several reasons behind it which need fixing.

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