Why We Need Another Hulk Game From Insomniac

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Insomniac, you should consider a hulk game...

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  • Fans have been deprived of a Hulk game for almost 15 years since the last game was the 2008 release of The Incredible Hulk.
  • Hulk: Ultimate Destruction has set a very high standard, and still fans are seeking a newer game that not only looks good but plays like this one.
  • Hulk: Ultimate Destruction showcased extremely efficient movement, immersion, fights, and mechanics that are still considered amazing even after 18 years.

Believe it or not, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was released in 2005 on the PS2 and is still considered the best Hulk game from the entire franchise. We need a game with the same effects as this game in this era preferably from Insomniac.

Even Better Than Marvel’s Avengers

This game was considered the best from the franchise including the 2020 release of Marvel‘s Avengers. While Avengers wasn’t technically a Hulk game, it is still considered a Hulk-featured game.

The Incredible Hulk, which came after Ultimate Destruction in 2008 and was also ported to the PS3, also didn’t come close to the high standard that Ultimate Destruction had set. All the effects have been taken out in both the newer games, making them almost bland.

The difference is quite clear in the comparison in this video:

YouTube video

Fans Are Deprived Of Hulk Games

After the incredible Hulk, there was no separate game where Hulk was the protagonist. Now, fans are craving a Hulk game especially after the fan-made concept trailer had been released.

YouTube video

Not only are fans craving great graphics, but they also want it to have the same type of animations, effects, mechanics, fights, movements, and immersion they once had with Ultimate Destruction. And this can only be done by Insomniac.

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

As this game was released, it caught people’s attention and afterward people’s love. The love people had for this game was drastic and to this day, after 18 years, people still adore this game. Now fans want a newer game just like it. But what did it have that fans loved?

Hulk: UItimate Destruction
Hulk: UItimate Destruction

Felt Like A Super Hero

First off, the movement of this game was unlike any other game. You could wall run, wall slide, jump from the wall, throw a boosted punch twice in mid-air, jump normally, and vary the jump as you charge it. 

Additionally, hulk’s charge jump is extremely high up and lets you travel from building to building in a matter of seconds. Almost everything on the map was interactable. This also allowed you to grab a giant balloon and glide across the map.

YouTube video

Similarly, the charge mechanics were the same for the jump. Whenever you jumped, there was a sense of speed with the motion effects, which was missing in the other games. This made players feel like superheroes, a fantasy almost everyone possesses.

Almost Everything Was Interactable

Apart from that, the fighting mechanics were top-notch as well. You had the ability to grab civilians, vehicles, enemy soldiers, robots, helicopters, and planes. You can also grab the Tank from their cannon and revolve it around several times before throwing it far away.

Quad missile launching vehicles were made in a way that you could detach them from the wheels and hold them on your shoulder. Then, you can extract these four missiles separately and throw them at your enemies.

The wall running allowed you to climb high towers in a few seconds. You could use this wall run to jump and land a shoulder slam onto your enemies, which dealt massive damage. Hulk could also super-slam the larger enemy robots. 

YouTube video

Hulk had the ability to crush any car and turn it into metallic fighting gloves. Also, you could crush a bus and surf on it across the map. This was rather funny but it shows how good the mechanics were in this game. 

AI Gave A Tough Battle

The wanted level in this game was no joke. Since Hulk is powerful and agile, the developers made sure to give him solid competition with the enemy AI. You were given total freedom to cause as much damage and chaos as you could. 

This meant that you were not only met with soldiers, but Hulk-sized robots, even larger robots, jets, and helicopters, all of which were constantly shooting missiles, and trying to grab Hulk in order to put him down.

When the enemies grabbed us, we were sabotaged for a few seconds. This gave a moment of powerlessness that caused our health to drain, which gave this powerful beast balanced fights.

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