2024 Isn’t An Exciting Year For Horror Game Fans

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Nothing Exciting Compared To Last Year!

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  • After a year like 2023, this year has nothing too exciting for horror game fans.
  • Four months into the year, the industry has Alone in The Dark to offer, which has not been too exciting either.
  • While titles like Silent Hill 2 Remake and Until Dawn Remake are coming later this year, I think the horror genre deserves better.

As a fan of the horror genre who loves playing entries from franchises like Resident Evil, I look forward to the industry’s output for this genre with keen eyes each year.

These expectations were higher than ever after 2023, but it seems this year won’t be nearly as great. In April 2024, I am left with the grim realization that horror fans should keep their expectations in check for this year since it seems to be disappointing compared to 2023.

Why it matters: This genre has a special place among both AAA and indie/AA releases, with multiple success stories coming out from horror titles throughout the industry’s existence.

Horror Games
Horror Games Released Last Year Were Nothing Short of Incredible

2023 Set The Bar Too High

I think horror fans were in for a treat for the whole of 2023 as titles like Alan Wake 2, Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Amnesia The Bunker, and more kept us busy with unique flavors of horror gameplay.

Not only were they great as horror titles, but Alan Wake 2 and Resident Evil 4 Remake were among the best games released last year, making them worthy of Game of the Year nominations.

Perhaps the most interesting part was the sheer variety. AAA studios offered different remakes, Remedy’s Alan Wake 2 excelled in narrative elements, and Sons of the Forest showed the potential of multiplayer elements in this genre.

Resident Evil 4 and Alan Wake 2 have also become quite the success stories. The latter has already become the most successful release for Remedy, and it has also been reported that following the former’s success, Capcom is currently working on more remakes.

In many ways, 2023 was a breath of fresh air for horror game fans. Instead of the typical Resident Evil entry standing out alone, multiple IPs were recognized for their excellence. However, I find it difficult to say the same about this year’s slate.

Silent Hill 2 Remake
Silent Hill 2 Remake Has Everyone’s Attention For Now

2024 Has Nothing Much To Offer

After spending over a hundred collective hours in horror games last year, my expectations were relatively high from 2024. With major franchises like Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill set to return, the year was seemingly on track to provide even more bone-chilling horror adventures.

However, Alone in The Dark has failed to meet my expectations. This series deserved better than a reimagining that fails to live up to modern standards. The game appears to have been a commercial disappointment as well, leading to layoffs for the developer.

While Silent Hill 2 is not out yet, I wish I could be more positive about this remake. From what I can see, Bloober Team has missed the mark, failing to capture the original’s charm and appeal.

In the process of modernizing this entry, the studio appears to have made it too similar to Resident Evil, or so the first gameplay trailer suggests. The developer has argued that the trailer did a poor job showcasing the remake, but I remain unconvinced.

Let’s not forget that EA seems to have canceled Dead Space 2 Remake recently.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl
Stalker 2 Promises Unrivaled Atmosphere With Unreal Engine 5

A Promising End To 2024?

Despite the genre’s current state, there may be some hope for fans this year.

I remain cautiously optimistic for Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. It may look rough in recent videos, but the title deserves a fair shot after everything GSC Game World has been through. Others like Zoochosis and Little Nightmares 3 are also worth mentioning.

Furthermore, Until Dawn is set to receive a remake, which will probably be quite enjoyable, but I wouldn’t put it in the same league as Alan Wake or Resident Evil.

It seems the industry has been unable to match its own benchmark from 2023. Perhaps last year was like capturing lightning in a bottle for this genre, and 2024 is just taking us back to the norm.

Still, I hope to see another year as strong as 2023 eventually, with more teams realizing the potential of horror games.

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