Dead Space 2 Remake Canceled By EA Following Poor Sales

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  • EA Motive has been moved to assist with Battlefield.
  • A reliable leaker confirms that Dead Space 2 Remake has been canceled because of this shift.
  • He states that the first game did not sell according to EA’s expectations.

Dead Space Remake was one of last year’s highlights for horror fans. EA Motive’s excellent work on the project garnered industry-wide praise, but it seems this was not enough to warrant a sequel.

While recent social media posts were seen as hints toward a second remake, a reliable leaker says that no such project is in development. In fact, EA has reportedly canceled Dead Space 2 Remake.

Why it matters: Much like Capcom, EA was expected to remake multiple entries of the franchise, with fans hopeful for an eventual return to the divisive third game.

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The report comes from reliable leaker Jeff Grubb.

According to Grubb, EA Motive intended to create a Dead Space Remake sequel at some point, but EA was not happy with how the first game sold. As per the leaker, the game’s sales were lackluster.

They were working on Dead Space 2. The are no longer working on it.

-Jeff Grubb

The leaker states that the project had already entered the conception phase. However, EA’s recent decision to move the team to Battlefield amid plans to move on from Battlefield 2042 meant that this project could no longer be continued.

EA Motive is also working on Iron Man. At the moment, these two projects are taking up the bulk of this developer’s attention, with the publisher relying on EA Motive for future single-player content.

Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake Was The Horror Genre At Its Best Last Year

It is also important to note that Jeff Grubb did not deny the possibility of Dead Space 2 Remake happening at some point. However, he states that the project has been indefinitely shelved for the time being.

The leaker was unable to confirm how poorly the game sold. He speculated that it may have just broken even, ultimately failing to match EA’s expectations.

Meanwhile, remakes like Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 have broken various records. Therefore, the publisher’s high expectations appear to have led to the abrupt death of this classic horror franchise.

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