It’s Time To Hold Phil Spencer Accountable For Xbox’s Failures

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No More Free Passes For Phil Spencer!

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  • Phil Spencer claims to promote developer freedom, yet acquired studios have faced closures and layoffs.
  • Xbox leadership has always given vague explanations about cancellations and confusing messages.
  • Under his tenure, the Xbox brand seems to have lost its identity after recent decisions.

Phil Spencer has been at the helm of Xbox since 2014, and during his tenure, he’s overseen a period of significant change for the brand. He’s been praised for initiatives like Xbox Game Pass, backward compatibility, and a renewed focus on PC gaming.

However, recent situations have also seen Xbox grapple with a series of setbacks, including layoffs, studio closures, and game cancellations. Yesterday, Xbox announced it would shut down Arkane and Tango Gameworks, the latter of which ironically produced Xbox’s best-rated title of 2023.

These missteps have made me question Spencer’s leadership and Xbox’s overall direction.

Why it matters: The frequent closures of studios like Lionhead, Arkane, and Tango Gameworks, along with layoffs at companies like Activision Blizzard, make Phil Spencer’s leadership questionable.

Phil Spencer Recent Studio Shutdowns
Phil Spencer’s tenure at Xbox demands scrutiny.

Studio Closures & Canceled Games

In 2016, Xbox shut down Lionhead Studios, the developer behind the long-running “Fable” franchise. These studio closures have resulted in job losses and a sense of unease among Xbox developers. Since his tenure, various studios have been shut down.

Additionally, Microsoft has faced criticism for cancelling several high-profile games in recent years. In 2017, Xbox cancelled Scalebound, a dragon-battling action RPG from PlatinumGames that had been in development since 2013.

Xbox recently scrapped Blizzard’s highly anticipated survival game, which had been in development for six long years. The company also laid off 1900 employees at Blizzard.

On the other, the development of Redfall was allowed to proceed when the game was clearly a disaster in the making. Over a year later, Xbox cancelled Redfall’s big DLC, which was supposed to be released during Halloween this year.

Xbox’s recent cancellations have left me questioning the company’s dedication to its current games and creative partnerships. While there have been bright spots like Forza Horizon 5, these successes have been overshadowed by delays, cancellations, and underwhelming releases.

Games like Fable and State of Decay 3 have all been hit by significant delays, and that makes me frustrated and skeptical. During Spencer’s time, Microsoft’s big move was buying Bethesda. At first, Spencer said it wouldn’t limit game access.

But then they made decisions that went against this messaging. For example, Microsoft made Starfield exclusive to Xbox and PC and cancelled games like Redfall that were supposed to be on multiple platforms.

Microsoft Phil Spencer
Is Phil Spencer’s leadership truly transparent?

 Lack of Transparency

I also want to point out the lack of transparency from Xbox leadership. As mentioned above, closures and game cancellations were often met with vague explanations or radio silence.

In addition, messages around Xbox’s first-party efforts have sometimes been confusing. For instance, the company has walked a tightrope between promoting exclusives and downplaying the importance of first-party titles.

Xbox is now pushing its games to PS5, starting with Sea of Thieves. This inconsistency makes me unsure about what to expect from Xbox’s future releases. Moreover, Phil Spencer talks about letting developers have the freedom to pursue passion projects, saying it’s important to let teams follow their ideas.

But what’s actually happened is quite different. Studios acquired by Microsoft have faced closures and layoffs, undermining the notion of creative autonomy. Despite what Spencer says, many skilled folks have been out of work while he’s been in charge.

Xbox business update podcast
Is Phil Spencer no longer able to steer Xbox in the right direction?

Xbox Game Pass: A Double-Edged Sword

I believe it’s arguable that Xbox’s recent struggles stem from prioritizing profit over creative freedom. The emphasis on Game Pass has led to concerns that Xbox is more focused on metrics and user acquisition than on creating genre-defining games.

This focus on short-term gains could come at the expense of long-term creative development. There is no doubt that Xbox Game Pass has been a hit, with a total subscriber count estimated to reach 200 million in 10 years.

I pay a monthly fee and get access to tons of games. It has also helped Xbox get more players involved, like with Star Wars Jedi Survivor, where the player count shot up by 500%.

However, for all of Phil Spencer’s efforts, Xbox is still stuck in third place, barely making any progress.

Some have even argued that Don Mattrick’s era was better overall despite the many problems of the Xbox One. Under Don Mattrick, the Xbox One launched with solid exclusives, console sales were much better, and there was still hope for the brand.

Despite Phil Spencer’s efforts, Xbox seems to be spiralling further into irrelevance under his tenure. There is also concern about the real leadership, such as Satya Nadella pulling the strings and leaving the Head of Microsoft Gaming with little autonomy.

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