Redfall Future DLC Abandoned After Arkane Austin Closure

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Arkane Promises To Compensate Players With Credits!

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  • Arkane Austin has ceased all operations recently.
  • Following the studio’s closure, work on Redfall has been abandoned completely.
  • Players who purchased the season pass will be refunded instead of receiving the promised Hero DLC.

Redfall was among the worst games released last year, and while the game recently celebrated its first anniversary, there were no signs of Arkane Austin’s promised DLC.

While some fans remained hopeful, Xbox has just announced the closure of multiple Bethesda studios, including Arkane Austin. Following the announcement, the developer has also confirmed no future updates are coming for Redfall.

Why it matters: This is a rare instance of a studio failing to release the DLC that players had already paid off before release. 

Following the crushing revelation from Xbox, fans were left wondering about the fate of Redfall. It did not take long for Arkane Austin to take to social media, confirming that work on Redfall would be ceased immediately.

Redfall’s previous update will be its last as we end all development.

-Arkane Austin

It has also been confirmed that the game’s online servers will remain open for players who want to enjoy playing with friends. Moreover, Arkane Austin hopes to compensate players for the promised DLC.

we will provide make-good offers to players who purchased the Hero DLC.

-Arkane Austin

The team has not confirmed the details of these offers, but we expect more details on the program to arrive later. While this may be better than nothing, it is ultimately a disappointing conclusion for those looking forward to the DLC.

Redfall Arkane Studios Xbox
Redfall Was A Failure In Many Ways

After struggling for a year and failing to reach even 100 players on Steam, Redfall’s troubled journey has finally come to an end.

Unfortunately, the game has taken down Arkane Austin, but Arkane Lyon remains operational. Other teams, including MachineGames, id Software, and Bethesda Game Studios, remain unaffected by the recent cuts.

All the pressure is now on Arkane Lyon. There is no denying that this team has always produced excellent games, but one wrong step could mark a brutal end to the Arkane brand as we know it.

Xbox has been relentless with its layoffs and closures this year, making a strong case against future industry consolidation.

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