Fans Revive Petition To Stop PlayStation PC Ports Amid Helldivers 2 Controversy

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PlayStation Fans Angered After Recent Events!

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  • Helldivers 2 was recently review-bombed after it became the center of controversy.
  • While everything seems to have returned to normal, some PlayStation fans are upset at the reaction from PC gamers.
  • They have revived an old petition in an attempt to stop further PC ports from PlayStation.

Most PC and PlayStation gamers are likely aware of the events that transpired over the weekend. Following a sudden PlayStation account requirement for Helldivers 2, the game was review-bombed for hours upon end.

While PlayStation’s recent update has solved this problem, it seems fans of the gaming giant have not taken kindly to the review-bombing. Fans are now attempting to revive a petition that demands Sony cancel all future PC ports.

Why it matters: PlayStation admitted to being in the wrong, but it seems fans are still willing to side with the gaming giant.

This petition was originally created three years ago when Sony initially began to expedite its PC efforts.

Fans on Twitter have begun to share this petition again, and there has been notable activity on the page in the last few hours. Many die-hard PlayStation fans argue that Sony should not pay so much attention to PC gaming.

Elsewhere, enthusiasts have argued that PlayStation’s recent treatment was unfair since other gaming giants like Xbox require their own accounts when playing first-party games on PC.

However, many lost access to Helldivers 2 in this instance, making it hard to see the audience as the problem. Since Sony decided to revert the changes, Steam users have also been quick to leave positive reviews for the game.

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 Went Through Massive Changes In the Last 3 Days

Similar reactions were seen from various PlayStation fans after Ghost of Tsushima was announced for PC. Many were upset that Sony would sacrifice its gaming identity in an attempt to gain market share from Steam users.

Anyhow, the whole situation could have been avoided had Sony made this requirement mandatory from the beginning, as it is doing with the Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer modes.

As for the petition, it currently sits at less than 300 signatures. Reviving it does not seem to be doing too much, but this instance highlights that a vocal part of the fandom is still upset about seeing PlayStation’s first-party games moving to other platforms.

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