Hades 2 Becomes #1 Steam Seller After Early Positive Reviews

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Hades 2 Is Already A Worthy Successor!

Story Highlights
  • Hades 2 was released on Steam without any prior announcement.
  • The game immediately became this platform’s best-seller, with its predecessor also reaching the top 10.
  • Initial reviews of the game are extremely positive.

Hades 2 is the latest release from Supergiant Games, a studio known for its excellent work on various action RPGs over the years.

In 2020, this studio found new levels of success after launching Hades, a title that captured audiences through its brisk combat and gorgeous cell-shaded art style. Its successor seems equally impressive, with Hades 2 immediately becoming Steam’s top seller at release.

Why it matters: The current position is impressive since Supergiant Games shadow-dropped this roguelike RPG in early access. Despite the lack of preparation or announcement, PC gamers have rushed to buy the title.

Hades 2 Steam Best Selling Game
Hades 2 Sits At The Top of Steam’s Best-Sellers

In less than 24 hours, Hades 2 has outpaced everything on Steam, including various free-to-play titles and Valve’s own handheld console.

Following this launch, the original Hades has also received a boost, finding its way into the top 10 best-sellers, thanks to a discount. Helldivers 2 has also reached the top 5 after the recent controversy and PlayStation’s announcement.

Meanwhile, initial impressions have been nothing but stellar so far. Despite its early access nature, Hades 2 seems to be better than its predecessor in seemingly every way, with Supergiant Games boasting more content than the original.

Early reviews have praised Supergiant Games’ ability to provide a familiar but fresh experience in the sequel, with subtle changes like the art style focusing more on a green tone helping the game stand out.

The early access polish has also impressed critics, who believe Hades 2 is practically finished. Furthermore, a new playable character, additional gods, and a more expansive toolset for gameplay have enhanced the experience altogether.

Hades 2 Follows Melinoe, the sister of Zagreus.

Overall, Hades 2 seems to be a hit already. While the game has no traditional rating due to its early access launch, reviewers have struggled to find negatives in the initial experience.

For fans of the original, Supergiant Games appears to have created another must-play roguelike RPG. Meanwhile, the sequel is sure to bring in newcomers, creating a win-win situation for this franchise.

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