GTA 6 Expected To Be Ready For Launch By Fall 2025

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The Wait Might Be Longer Than Expected!

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  • According to a report, Rockstar will have GTA 6 ready by Fall 2025.
  • Previous rumors suggested an early 2025 release, but there could’ve been an internal delay.
  • New information about GTA 6 is expected in the upcoming Take-Two investor call.

GTA 6 is set to be the most hyped launch of the decade. While speculations have pointed to a delay pushing this title into 2026, a new leak suggests that Rockstar is set to meet the release window and will have the game ready by Fall 2025.

Why it matters: Take-Two recently laid off a bunch of staff, which could’ve affected the development. On the other hand, Rockstar has accelerated development by requiring a return to in-person work. Therefore, it is difficult to judge whether these decisions have slowed down the development.

YouTube video

LegacyKillaHD, in his latest video, has revealed that sources tell him Rockstar is eyeing a Fall 2025 launch for GTA 6. The studio seems quite relaxed about meeting an arbitrary launch target but continues to work toward Fall 2025 as a suitable window.

I have heard that there is a belief this game will be ready for Fall of 2025.


Rockstar hasn’t explicitly stated anything about a release window, but Take-Two’s past investor reports did suggest an early 2025 launch. If that was the case, it seems the title has gone through an internal delay.

Other details from the report include hints at Rockstar returning to Red Dead Redemption 2’s hand-to-hand combat system for GTA 6. This may lead to a more engaging experience instead of the basic mechanics of GTA 5.

GTA 6 Ray Tracing
GTA 6 will have an added focus on ray-traced shadows and reflections

Another thing to point out is that Rockstar may be preparing a new trailer or an update on GTA 6. Recently, the developer removed most posts from its official Instagram account except those related to the upcoming release.

Rockstar did something similar when the first trailer dropped. Take-Two also has its next investors call scheduled for May 16, which could be when we finally hear more about this release date.

Perhaps the publisher will drop a subtle hint about the release window based on its revenue forecasts.

The investor call will take place in just ten days, so if the reports are indeed accurate, they could be verified in just a few more days. Till then, the community patiently awaits official word from Rockstar.

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