PlayStation Fans Feel Betrayed; Calling For Ghost of Tsushima Boycott on PC

Fans Believe Sony Hurting PlayStation Brand Value!

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  • Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PC, but this announcement has not pleased everyone.
  • Certain PlayStation fans are asking others to boycott this release in an attempt to stop Sony’s push toward PC.
  • On the other hand, Steam users are quite happy to be receiving these ports.

PlayStation has recently confirmed a PC port for Ghost of Tsushima. Both Horizon Forbidden West and Sucker Punch Productions’ latest release are headed to the platform within two months, marking a new wave of PC ports at a rapid pace.

However, the announcement has resulted in an outcry from the more vocal PlayStation community. Many fans believe Sony has betrayed them and are now calling for a boycott of Ghost of Tsushima.

Why it matters: PlayStation’s push toward PC gaming will only get bigger and more ambitious moving forward.

Ghost of Tsushima
PlayStation Fans Have Always Valued Their Exclusives

Over on Steam Forums, a user has recently created a thread titled ‘Don’t Buy This.’

Asking PC gamers to refrain from supporting the port, the Steam user hopes Sony will take a loss on this release and end up discouraged from porting more titles to the platform.

While this is highly unlikely to be effective, such posts highlight the general sentiment around this announcement. Similar comments can be found on the PlayStation Blog‘s announcement.

User BofaDN777 wrote that PC is receiving more first-party support from PlayStation in 2024 than the console itself. Others believe Sony is harming PlayStation’s identity and worsening its brand value.

Ghost of Tsushima
Despite Such Reactions, Sony Will Continue to Release More PC Ports

The more extreme posts on the subject have pointed fingers at PC players. User Neko blames this community for the increasing number of PlayStation games on Steam, even going as far as to say that this practice ruined his life.

Such posts can also be considered attempts at trolling, so it is difficult to judge whether this particular user is serious.

Ghost of Tsushima
Source: Steam Forums

All in all, reactions from enthusiast PlayStation fans have not been pleasant. However, PC gamers are delighted, expressing joy at the fact that Ghost of Tsushima is finally arriving on the platform.

Horizon Forbidden West and Ghost of Tsushima are also expected to set a new precedent, accelerating the arrival of PC ports. This is just one more reason for PC gamers to celebrate, though a few hardcore PlayStation fans have claimed that this move would force them to shift to PC.

Ghost of Tsushima will be available on the platform on May 16.

This PC port is shaping up to be the full package, offering DLSS3, FSR3, and Intel XeSS support. It will also come with all the enhancements of the Director’s Cut, including the Iki Island DLC.

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