Xbox First Party Developers Feel Unsupported By Microsoft Says Insider

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Xbox Studios Concerned About Their Future!

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  • Xbox has demonstrated a lack of clear messaging internally and externally.
  • A report outlines a lack of trust and support for its first-party teams.
  • The gaming giant’s harsh measure for success could result in more studio closures down the line.

Xbox is once again catching flak for its decision. Previously, folks were disappointed with the approach of releasing exclusives on other platforms, and this time, the closure of famous studios created another controversy for Xbox.

However, whatโ€™s interesting is that Xbox seemingly lacks plans for the future. A new report also states that first-party studios feel they lack support from Microsoft.

Why it matters: This is a concerning trend since Xbox appears to follow in Embracer Group’s footsteps, buying up studios only to shut them down later.

Fallout Bethesda Starfield Skyim Elder Scrolls Todd Howard Xbox
A Major Part of Bethesda Softworks Has Been Shut Down

The report comes from insider Jez Corden, who claims to have heard concerning statements from Xbox developers. In his latest tweet, he states that first-party studios feel unsupported.

I’ve heard from Xbox devs they feel unsupported.

-Jez Corden

Moreover, they don’t have a clear picture of Xbox’s metrics for a successful release. He asserts that sources have used the phrase flying blind when referring to this area, hinting that they are still in the dark on Xbox’s definition of a successful game.

Meanwhile, the gaming giant is focusing on Game Pass. It previously advertised this subscription as a catalyst for more creative releases. Despite this focus, it shut down Tango Gameworks after it launched Hi-Fi Rush, a release that exemplifies the creativity of AA gaming.

Amid poor performance in the hardware market, Xbox seems to have found itself in a difficult spot in software sales. The gaming giant seems to be going all-in on massive IPs moving forward, prioritizing nothing but the most successful releases.

Hellblade 2
Hellblade 2 Arrives Next Month

Jez Corden also questions the upcoming release of Hellblade 2.

He argues that this digital-only release did not have the best marketing leading up to the launch. If it fails to live up to Xbox’s extremely high standard, Ninja Theory might meet a similar fate as Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks.

As said earlier, Xbox seems focused on shifting resources to IPs like Call of Duty. This could further impact the variety of Microsoft’s current first-party lineup, which is already struggling to compete with Sony and Nintendo’s offerings.

We hope to see promising results at the Xbox Showcase next month, but it is hard to feel enthusiastic about the brand after such devastating news.

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