Xbox Picked The Worst Possible Time To Go Multiplatform

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As Soon As Xbox Found Promising Exclusives, It Went Multiplatform!

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  • After finally regaining footing with its exclusives, Xbox is going multiplatform.
  • This is the worst possible time for a decision like this.
  • Xbox could miss out on a fantastic chance to finally regain its status in the gaming industry with its exclusives.

Microsoft has faced challenges with delivering notable exclusives since the Xbox 360 era, experiencing inconsistency in this regard. Its exclusive titles have been hit or miss, with even long-established franchises like Halo losing appeal over time.

Fortunately, Xbox appears to be on the verge of a comeback, boasting a plethora of recent and upcoming exclusives. It appears to have found its footing in the realm of exclusive titles again.

However, the major surprise came last month when Phil Spencer announced a shift towards multiplatform releases. My opinions on the strategy aside, I think Microsoft could not have picked a worse time to make this decision.

Why it matters: The timing is crucial because exclusives often drive console sales, an area where Xbox has struggled. Just as Xbox began to gain momentum with exclusives, the decision to go multiplatform killed the buzz in the community.

Hellblade 2
Hellblade 2 Is Being Showered With Praise Across The Media

Xbox’s Strategy Is Baffling

While it’s great that Microsoft’s games will reach a wider audience, the timing of this decision is perplexing. Why now, when Xbox is finally regaining ground with strong exclusives?

A lot of great exclusives, including Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, Forza Motorsport, and more, have already created momentum for the gaming giant. Furthermore, the upcoming games list to no slouch.

This is because Xbox has extremely anticipated games like Hellblade 2, Fable, Indiana Jones, Avowed, and more in the lineup. These games have generated significant excitement worldwide and are shaping up to be impressive additions to the Xbox library.

I fail to comprehend why Xbox would choose to expand to multiple platforms at this juncture. Now that they have promising exclusive titles on the horizon to compete with those offered by PlayStation and Nintendo, they are backing off?

Fable Is Reportedly Targetting 2025 Launch For Xbox Series X|S

I’m puzzled by Xbox’s decision to make such a move now, but I’m curious to understand the rationale behind it.

Furthermore, this decision is perceived to potentially have detrimental consequences for the future of the brand. Instead of celebrating upcoming titles like Hellblade 2 and Indiana Jones, the discussion surrounding them is based on their potential release on PlayStation.

Even more dedicated Xbox fans have been noticeably quiet recently. It has already been revealed that the Xbox Series X|S are lagging behind the Xbox One in terms of sales.

Publishers have reportedly considered dropping support, and Microosft is faced with a challenging situation. Therefore, each new exclusive presents a chance for redemption.

However, with Microsoft opening the floodgates, fans might just choose to wait for an eventual PlayStation release. It is important to note that Phil Spencer has not ruled out this possibility completely.

The recent exclusives and forthcoming titles could have been the boost Xbox has been seeking for a while. However, the decision to embrace multiplatform availability might have the opposite impact in the long run, exacerbating Xbox’s identity crisis.

I’m eager to observe how Xbox evolves as it transitions to a multiplatform approach since it will be interesting to see if it works out for the better.

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