Xbox On Its Last Legs In Europe As Publishers Second Guess Support

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Publishers Reportedly Uninterested In Supporting Xbox!

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  • Xbox sales have been highly disappointing compared to its rival.
  • The low sales have caused some publishers to second-guess their decision to support Xbox consoles in the future.
  • According to a report, Xbox sales in Europe are even worse this year.

It is no secret that the PS5 has been dominating the competition with Xbox in terms of sales. There is nearly a 2x difference in sales, which shows the overall preference for the PS5.

However, Xbox sales are even worse in Europe. This could become a major problem in the coming years, with a report claiming many publishers are second-guessing their support for the Xbox consoles moving forward.

Why it matters: Europe has never been Xbox’s biggest market. Typically, Microsoft’s consoles perform the best in the US.

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Chris Ding, the head of, revealed inside information about publishers, suggesting they might not support Xbox in the long run.

For now, the Xbox Series S|X continue to receive games from all over the industry. However, with the limited number of consoles sold, it is difficult to blame the publishers for second-guessing themselves.

Chris Dring stated that Xbox sales in the region have flatlined. According to his statement, this information came from two sources and seems to be the reason behind the publishers’ reluctance to support the platform.

One major company said: I donโ€™t know why we bothered supporting it.

-Chris Dring

It should be noted that Chris specifically mentioned the sales in Europe, so these publishers might be limited to that region.

He further mentioned that third-party publishers only view PC and PS5 as the market, so things don’t look promising for Xbox. It has not been confirmed whether publishers from other regions have similar thoughts.

Xbox Could Have A Breakthrough In 2026 With New Consoles.

However, it is still concerning for Xbox as Europe is a massive gaming region, and the lack of support from the publishers there could be troublesome for the giant. Chris also mentioned that Xbox Series S|X sales fell throughout last year.

Much to our disappointment, they seem to be worse this year.

That being said, rumors have suggested that GTA 6 could be delayed to 2026. If accurate, the stars could align for Xbox.

Expected to launch its next-generation console in the same year, Microsoft may produce the biggest technical leap yet, offering the best GTA 6 experience on the market. That alone would be a game-changer for Xbox.

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