Fable Targeting 2025 Launch For Xbox Series S|X, Says Insider

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Could Be Xbox's Biggest Game In 2025!

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  • Fable was initially revealed in 2020, but Xbox has yet to confirm its launch date.
  • A leaker states that he heard rumblings of a 2025 launch target for the game last year.
  • This could mean that an extensive look at gameplay is right around the corner.

Microsoft’s reboot of Fable is seemingly progressing well, with Playground Games hiring several new developers to speed up work on the project. While not much is known about the game, it has already led to growing excitement within the Xbox community.

Last year, the studio also debuted a new trailer for Fable. Amid the current anticipation, a famous leaker claims that Xbox is targeting a rough release window in 2025 for the game.

Why it matters: Many expected the game to arrive toward the very end of the Xbox Series S|X lifespans due to the lack of major updates since 2020.

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First revealed in 2020, Xbox has remained tight-lipped about Fable and its progress. However, leaker NateTheHate states that he heard about a 2025 release target last year. He also shed light on various other Xbox games.

Hinting at id Software’s current game, the insider points to development on an already existing IP. He believes that an official reveal for this project could happen this year, whether it be a new Doom or Quake game.

Elsewhere, he states Contraband could be released in 2024. However, Fable’s 2025 launch window is perhaps the most interesting part of the report, with the game positioned as a flagship first-party offering.

If accurate, Microsoft could debut a more extensive look at gameplay during the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase. During the recent podcast, this showcase was confirmed for another run this year, returning in June 2024.

YouTube video

Fable has shown incredible production values and a comedic tone that carries the spirit of the original games. It will introduce a mix of magical abilities and melee combat, potentially offering the best combat system of any Xbox RPG so far.

The studio has stated that its game will ship with visuals identical to the most recent trailer, hinting at a confident and bold approach from Playground Games.

As one of Xbox’s most recognized franchises, this launch is shaping up to be a massive moment for this generation of consoles.

Fable has always had a strong legacy from its early days, and Playground Games’ work on the series seeks to honor these roots while adding a new flair expected from modern RPG releases.

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