Fable Dev Claims Final Game Will Look As Good As Latest Trailer

Fans Not Believing Gameplay Was Real Is Compliment!

The talented developer, Playground Games, is leading development on the Fable reboot. First announced in 2020, the game was missing from Xbox shows for several years, but the latest showcase has finally revealed a new look at the game.

The trailer shows in-game footage with breathtaking visuals. Following the reveal, some Twitter users have claimed that the Fable footage was not real gameplay, but a PlayGround Games developer has taken this as a compliment for the game’s visuals.

Why it matters: Fable is being built for the Xbox Series S|X consoles. Playground Games is also known for delivering excellent visuals with recent games like Forza Horizon 5, and the studio appears to be continuing this trend with the upcoming title.

Lukas Koelz is a Lead Lighting Artist working on the game. Following confusion about the latest trailer, he took to Twitter and said:

“People not believing this is real or that the game will look like this is one of the best compliments.”

The developer’s tweet should clear doubts and reassure fans that the game will look this good on launch. He also posted four screenshots, highlighting a few of the best parts featured in the latest footage.

Previously, Xbox clarified that the showcase would not feature CGI trailers. The event was limited to in-engine or in-game footage, which supports the developer’s clarification about Fable.

Despite the game’s latest trailer, Xbox has not confirmed a release date for Playground Games’ ambitious reboot. With games like Avowed and Hellblade 2 coming in 2024, it would not be surprising to see Fable being pushed into 2025.

Matt Booty from Xbox recently claimed that big AAA games can now take up to six years to create, so fans should stay tuned for the long-awaited return of the RPG franchise.

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