Making Great Games No Longer Keeps You Safe From Closure, Says Developer

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Developers Heartbroken After Xbox Studio Closure!

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  • Microsoft has just closed four of its studios yesterday.
  • Following the closure, many developers have shared their thoughts on the state of the gaming industry.
  • One developer stated that making great or big games no longer matters since it doesn’t guarantee safety.

The developers who spend years of their lives dedicated to creating award-winning gaming experiences each year have been left devasted by the industry’s current turmoil as it faces layoffs, studio closures, and more.

Among the recent closures, Xbox has been the latest to shut down four of Bethesda Softworks’ studios. This announcement has left the entire industry devastated, with developers admitting that making great games is no longer enough in the industry.

Why it matters: Microsoft had already laid off nearly 2,000 employees earlier this year. The latest closure marks even more layoffs, exacerbating the industry’s concerns.

Redfall Was Among The Worst-Rated Games Released Last Year

After it was reported that Microsoft had closed four of its studios, two of which had developed some of the most beloved games over the years, many developers expressed their thoughts on the situation.

The head of Arkane Lyon called the closure a gut stab, while former Tango Gameworks boss Shinji Mikami stated that the situation was saddening. However, other developers also chimed in, sharing their perspective.

Indie developer Maisie ร“ Dorchaidhe did not beat around the bush, stating that the quality or profitability of a game does not matter much in today’s landscape. She stated that a good, profitable, or even viral game is not enough.

Furthermore, the developer asserted that experience, hard work, and dedication fall in the same category. Such qualities can no longer ensure job safety in game development today.

This statement resonates because Xbox shut down Tango Gameworks. Not only was Hi-Fi Rush the gaming giant’s best-rated release of 2023, but it was also one of last year’s most unique AA games.

Hi-Fi Rush
Hi-Fi Rush Was Unanimously Liked In 2023

Xbox also promised to support creative endeavours like Hi-Fi Rush, and executives like Aaron Greenberg praised the game for meeting all targets. However, the studio has not been rewarded for its incredible work.

Other developers also noted that award-winning developers are no longer safe. The industry seems to agree that this treatment was extremely unfair, even for a team like Arkane Austin, who released Redfall last year.

As unfortunate as it may be, we can’t deny the truth about this sentiment since Hi-Fi Rush was out of our favorites from 2023. While there isn’t much that can be done here, we wish the best to all the talented workers who have worked on IPs like The Evil Within, Prey, and Hi-Fi Rush.

We hope they land on their feet after this setback and find another place to utilize their talents.

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